Our 16 Year Anniversary

Sixteen years ago, on April 18th, 2002, Kevin and I said “I do” to one another back in my hometown in Germany. Another year is accomplished. Many more anniversaries to us. 😉

Happy 16th Anniversary! ❤


Fifteen Years

Wow! It amazes me how time flies by, when we have fun. Fifteen years ago, Kevin and I said ‘I do’. And it has been a crazy ride, since. We laughed, we cried, we loved, we fought. But at the end of the day, we were a couple that stuck it out. Hopefully we can celebrate many more anniversaries, and grow old together.

Our wedding ring set. I used my wedding dress as the background of this photo.

March 16, 1945

Bombing of Würzburg in World War II ~ March 16, 1945 Artist: Unknown/Resource: Main-Post-Archiv

A town remembers the bombing, 72 years ago. I remember my grandmother telling the shocking experience on her 19th birthday, when bombs came down and destroyed 90% of Würzburg back on March 16, 1945. She told me, she had to run down the street as fast as she could to the life saving bunker. The street never seemed as long as before and after the night between 9:25-9:42 PM CET. She was 8 months pregnant, in a night gown, no shoes on her feet, and she had to throw herself on the ground every few seconds, hoping she’s not getting hit by a bomb. She finally made it to the bomb shelter crossing over an old train bridge and was safe. 5000 lives didn’t make it that night. Every year we remember the day with the church bells ringing all over the city from 9:25 – 9:42 PM, and a silent moment. And we all hope, we never have to go through this again: NIE WIEDER KRIEG! (NO MORE WAR!)