A Visit From The Hummingbird

Kevin mowed the yard, this morning. In the meantime, a few Great-tailed Grackles and a Blue Jay sat under the tree. They watched Kevin and the lawn mower very carefully. Every time he came close to them, they hopped away. When he turned around to mow a different section, they hopped back to their spot under the shading tree. Kevin was amused by watching these birds. He said, they hopped synchronized back and forth on the lawn. The main reason for this hopping around was the food in the bird feeder. Once Kevin was done with mowing the lawn, the birds were all over the bird food. Some House Sparrows and some Northern Cardinals came over for brunch, too.

This commotion caught the interest of the little hummingbird, which resides in the neighbor’s tree. It observed the other birds eating some seeds, looked a little bit further and saw these beautiful hyacinth bean blossoms. Zooom! It’s brunch time for the hummingbird!

Blooming Hyacinth Beans

After late Spring sowing, the Hyacinth Bean began to bloom in the Community Garden a few days, ago. They are so pretty! My Hyacinth Bean plants in my home garden seem to take a little bit longer. But they are not in the sun all day. And I was sowing them several days later. It all takes time and patience. Eventually mine will bloom, too.

The Colony Shoreline Trail In August

The weather is warm and beautiful outside. It was a perfect day to clean out the garage, and then taking a nice hike at the Shoreline Trail. Stan’s Lakeview Draft House had a live band. While I photographed some vegetation along the trail, I could listen to some Rock music. I couldn’t have asked for more. Here are some photos from my evening hike at the lake:

Blooms In My Frontyard In July

Last night, we had a thunderstorm coming through North Texas. Sometimes, wind gusts went over 50 mph. It brought some cooler air with it, which was so appreciated this morning. The temperatures were more comfortable in the lower 70s, than in the muggy mid 80s. This was a good opportunity to sent Katelynn and Sara out to clean the pool in the backyard. The storm dropped quite few leaves in the water. The pool had to be taken care off, before algae set in, and we have a perfect habitat for mosquitos.

Since the Texas heat is relentless at this time of the year, the plants were happy to get some good amount of water as well. Between some brown (that’s due to me neglecting my frontyard a little bit lately), I have some flowers blooming in the frontyard. My crape myrtle began to bloom, while I was down with a virus, last week. It was a welcome sight, after being in bed for a few days. ❤ And I’m happy, the milkweed began to bloom as well. Soon, the Monarch butterfly will be on its way south, again. My yard will be a good rest area for the Monarch Highway. 😉