First Cherry ‘Maters

In the past I learned to pick my tomatoes early and then let them finish ripen in the house for a few days to a week. It depends on the stage, I pick them. My grandmother used to pick tomatoes, when they just started to go from green to slightly yellow. Then she put them in a plastic bowl, covered them with a kitchen towel and waited until they had their nice red color. The reason for that, if she let them ripen until they turned red, the bugs, birds or little critter would have gotten to them.

So, I looked at my little cherry tomatoes this morning. And they had this yellowish color. I just had to slightly touch their stems, and they came off easy. The rest of the tomatoes probably take another couple of days, before I can pick some more. They will make good snacks or end up in a salad. There is nothing more tasty than fresh fruits and veggies straight out of a garden. Yummy! ❤

My April Garden

April is almost over, and the garden seems to do well. It could do a little bit better. But we had a few cooler nights this months. I guess the garden teaches me patience again, as it has done in the past years as well. Here is what’s going on in our garden this April:

  • Last year, I have sown some bachelor buttons. When they were done blooming, I collected the seeds. Some must have fallen to the ground or they self-seeded. Today, the first “button” started to bloom.
  • The Autumn sage it’s showing itself from the most beautiful side. Every day, more blossoms bloom next to the greenhouse.
  • The peach tree is doing good. So far I counted six peaches. That’s one more from last year. I just hope, the pesky squirrel is staying away from them. I can hope, right?! 😉
  • The green onions are in bloom and have visitors pollinating them. They probably will go to seed soon.
  • Earlier this week I’ve noticed, we have some bush beans growing. This is very exciting. The last couple of years, I wasn’t so lucky with beans at all. I don’t know, if the excessive rain had a part of it. But I’m happy to see beans growing, again.
  • Picking snow peas daily became a ritual this month. I have five plants growing in the Garden. And so far I’ve got almost a whole sandwich bag full of snow peas. Every time I pick them, they go in the freezer immediately. Kevin and the girls can’t wait until I make a meal out of them.

This sums it up for April. May is just around the corner. Hopefully, the weather will get warmer and the warm season crop starts to thrive in that weather. I’m also planning on getting a nicer butterfly/hummingbird sanctuary done around the greenhouse within the next few months. Stay tuned! I will blog more about it, later.

Vegetables And A Duck Nest In The Church Garden

On Saturday, I saw a duck waddle around the Community/Church Garden. She didn’t want to go too far away from the potato bed in the Church Garden. One of the ladies, who volunteers in the Community Garden came over a little bit later. I told her about the duck. When we looked through the potato bed, we discovered a nest, with two eggs and two potatoes in there. I guess, when the duck scratched a little dent, the potatoes got “excavated” by her. Working on a border around in front of the Community Garden beds, we were far enough from the duck. The bird felt comfortable enough to sit on the nest. Later, when I checked again she must have gotten startled and flew off into the community across the street. We were worried, she wouldn’t come back, that day.

A few days later, the lady checked on the nest. This time the duck had laid several more eggs in the nest, and covered them up with some potato leaves and a few twigs. I was glad, when she told me about the duck must have been back.

After lunch I went over to the Community Garden, today. When I’m not sure if the beds need water, I always poke my finger into the soil. It still looked good. The duck was here. But she didn’t like it, when I moved around looking at the vegetables and the soil. So she flew off, again. … Maybe Ms. Daisy doesn’t like me ??? … 😦 😉 I used the opportunity to look at her nest. Yep, everything was still tucked in. After capturing a photo, I left the potato bed alone.


Woohoo! We have a duck nest in the Church Garden.

The Church Garden is coming along very well. The peas and tomatoes are in bloom; the first bell peppers are growing; the Swiss chard and carrots are getting bigger; and the onions are showing some bulb surrounded by soil. Our Community Garden seems to take a little bit longer. But we also started a little bit later.

Overall, I’m very happy with all this sprouting and a duck nest in the Garden.


UPDATE OF THE DUCK’S NEST on 05-03-2017: Sadly I must say, some critter must have found the duck’s nest and “stole” the eggs. One of the Garden Volunteer ladies found broken duck egg shells in the garden. Well, it was nice while it lasted. At least, a duck considered the Church Garden as a nesting place for her offspring.


First Snow Pea of 2017

After Sara was in school, I checked if my garden needs water. It is still alright after the rain. The soil was moist, when I poked my finger in it. I also noticed, that my snow peas started to produce. There are a lot more blooms, too. This means, we will get a whole bunch of snow peas, soon. Time to get the recipe book out and look for tasty Asian dishes.