Autumn Is On Its Way


In the perfect conditions, we have mushrooms growing in Texas.


A season of falling leaves
And hibernation trees
Of gathering and hoarding
Of frosty, sparkling, misty morning.

A season for crunching and munching
For chestnut roasting
And crumpet toasting
For bonfire flames dancing
In the midnight air.

A season for listening
To racing winds whistling
Through sleepy undressed branches
And for children chasing the host
Of whistling, twirling fallen leaves.

Author: unknown

Summer Sunday (2)

This Sunday, Kevin, the girls and I went for a hike to Tyler State Park. I always wanted to check that place out. Due to “Barry” about an hour east of us, it was a bit cooler but very humid today. Here and there, we had a little sprinkle. But it was worth getting out and doing something with the family.

Tyler State Park, Texas