Waxing Gibbous Moon In December

This evening I watched the Moon rise, on my front porch. When Luna was behind my neighbor’s tree, I saw a good photo opportunity and captured these pictures. The tree branches still have some leaves left, and they all framing the waxing gibbous Moon with their beautiful Autumn silhouettes.

Texas Arbor Day

Texas Arbor Day is a reminder, that it time to get the trees planted at this time of the year. With the cooler conditions, a tree can establish better. In the years to come, we can enjoy their shade in Spring throughout most parts of Autumn. Since 2013, we celebrate Texas Arbor Day on the first Friday of November. Did you hug a tree, yet? No? That’s alright. Sandy did it for y’all.


“I love you, Tree! *Muah-muah-muah* 💋💗🌳

Happy Texas Arbor Day!

The Calamondin Orange Tree

Calamondin is a hybrid (citrofortunella) between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. Calamondin oranges are edible, but the tree is rather used as an ornamental.

Two years ago, Kevin got me a Meyer lemon tree for Valentine’s Day. Last Spring, I added another small Calamondin  orange tree to my citrus tree collection. It had some fruit hanging from its tree, when I purchased it. When they were ripe, we used them to flavor our ice water.

Since my little tree sat there and looked a little bit intimidated by the bigger cousin, the Meyer lemon tree, I decided to transfer it into a bigger pot and fertilized it. It started to bloom again. And the fragrance of those blossoms are so mesmerizing. It smells so good, so does its fruit.

Homegrown Peaches Are The Best!

In January 2016, I’ve picked up a peach tree from the nursery. I grew up with fruit trees in my grandparents’ yard. And I wanted a fruit tree in my yard. It was a decision between apple and peach. But since apple trees, need a buddy for cross pollination, I need to wait until my Bradford Pear trees are done for it. But this might take another five to ten years. In the meantime, I can grow some peaches.

When I came home with the tree. Kevin helped me digging a hole for the roots, before I sat the tree on its permanent spot. The first year we had five peaches growing. Mr. Squirrel seemed to like peaches as well. He shared with us. But it wasn’t really in proportion as we hoped for. He got four peaches. We got one peach, which we had to split in four. 😀

So, this year we were smarter. Once we caught Mr. Squirrel picking a peach, we went out there and took five of the seven peaches. We left him one more peach. In the house, I sat the peaches on the counter to let them finish ripen. And today, I finally cut the peaches open. Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I enjoyed them as they were desserts. There is nothing better, than fresh grown fruit out of the own garden.


Homegrown peaches from the tree I planted last year.

The Chaste/Vitex Tree

Do you remember, when I was blogging about my vitex tree, relocating it to a different spot after I had it for two years? Because it had to make room for my dogwood tree, I planted the tree on the west side of our driveway.

Two and a half months later, the vitex is back in bloom. All these purple little blossoms are appearing in the second half of May, now. And it seems that it didn’t hurt the tree, when I moved it to a different location. I’m very happy for it. I also pointed out a vitex tree to Sara in the neighborhood on the way home from school, today. I said to her: “If our tree makes it, it can be about this tall.” She looked at a 15-foot tree and replied: “Wow, that’s a nice big tree. I like the purple flowers!”


The vitex is blooming, again.


Hiking Along The Creek

The weather was perfect for a little hike along the creek, before sunset this evening. Now, since the grass is freshly mowed, it is easier to walk. I can see, where I’m stepping around. And I can see the snakes better, again. The guys, who mowed this area left a little nature strip at the shoreline of the creek. At this time of the year, the wildflowers are beautiful. And I saw an egret fly over-head to return back to the lake. I also heard some frogs croaking, but no luck seeing them. It was a little bit to dark to hunt for these amphibians.