Smashing Pumpkins …

… after Halloween has been a tradition in our family for over a decade. Back in the days, when Katelynn was little, Kevin smashed it for her. And Katelynn kicked the Pumpkin all over the backyard. These days, the girls are big enough to smash them themselves.

Katelynn picked a pumpkin from the frontyard and smashed it in the backyard. Sara watched her and saw, how much fun her big sister had with the Jack-o-Lantern. She ran out to the front, picked a pumpkin, dragged it in the backyard and kicked it. Luis looked at the girls and those “Jacks”. He was not sure, what to think of this game. He sniffed around the pumpkins, when the girls were done. We leave the smashed vegetables out in the grass. Mr. Squirrel, Mrs. Rabbit, and Mrs. Cottontail might pick on them, before the pumpkins become nutrition for the soil.

Video of Pumpkin Smashing:

The Homecoming Parade 2018

Since Katelynn had to participate with her High School Band in the Homecoming Parade tonight, it was a given that Sara was a part of it, too. Sara’s Elementary School Coach gathered the kids from his clubs, so they could walk in the parade as well. Kevin parked at the High School and walked to the starting point. When he arrived, I decided I’m gonna walk in the parade. It has been over four months, since I walked a mile. And this was the perfect first walk after my surgery. In the stadium, the girls were still participating in a dance with the football players, cheerleaders, band, other clubs and the Homecoming King & Queen. The sisters had so much fun, they actually got along with each other, which is very seldom these days. As parents we have to savor these moments.

Halloween Season (Part II) ~ (2008  2010)


It’s “Halloween Season” Monday, again. Today, I’ll blog about Katelynn helping me carving pumpkins, Sara’s First Halloween, and more visits at the pumpkin patch and the zoo.



Katelynn wanted to help me with the pumpkin carving. So, I’ve got her a little pumpkin she could play with and get the pumpkin guts out. She always loved to say: “We need to get all the pumpkin yikes out!” And then she played with the gooey inside of the pumpkin.



Sara was only twelve days old, when we celebrated Halloween in 2009. She was such a cute little Pumpkin. Katelynn wanted to help with the pumpkins again, while her little sister took a nap. Katelynn was very proud being a big sister. She really enjoyed taking Sara out for her first Trick-or-Treat. All bundled up we walked through the neighborhood and collected candy on this cool October night. The fresh air was good for the little munchkin.



Katelynn loves going to the pumpkin patch, because she can jump in the bounce house, go on hay rides and pick a pumpkin. Sara just enjoyed crawling around between the pumpkins. Every pumpkin had to be tested by giving it a good slap on top. We also went to the Pirate Days. Unfortunately “Boo at the Zoo” got rained out the day, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. But it wasn’t the end of the world, either. The girls got out and had fun, anyway.


to be continued next Monday, October 15, 2018

Halloween Season (Part I) ~ (2003 – 2007)


Hello, everyone! Since it is October I will post our past Halloween celebrations, every Monday. Over the years, a lot of photos have accumulated in my files. Last year I had “Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins”-Friday, where I introduced all the Jack-o-Lanterns I carved for the girls over the years. This year, it will be a little bit of everything. I will begin with 2003. This was the year, Katelynn was born and when she had her first Halloween.



This was Katelynn’s First Halloween. She was only 27 days old, when I carved the Kitty pumpkin for her. The story behind the pumpkin itself can be found here under this link:



Katelynn was at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch for the first time. Oh, she had so much fun playing with the straw. Kevin and I had to fish it out of her clothes later, Because she was so busy throwing the straw in the air, it went everywhere. The next day, we dressed her up as a lamb. I made the costume myself. The head was a bit big for her. But she enjoyed going to Trick-or-Treat with it.



It was the first year, we celebrated Halloween at our new house. I made a DIY-Diddlina candy bag for all the goodies, we would receive from going to Trick-or-Treat. On the other hand, Katelynn was still little and a bit unsure, if she really liked this whole “Trick-or-Treat” thing. When we walked from door to door, she wasn’t very happy. Once she had some candy, it wasn’t near as bad anymore. But she did not like the door-to-door walk at all. A year later, this would be a whole other story. …



… This Halloween season was completely different from last year’s. Katelynn was excited to go to “Trick-or-Treat”. She knocked on the doors with a happy “T’ick-or-T’eeeeat”. Since she couldn’t pronounce the “r”, the neighbors thought she was adorable and gave her a lot of candy. After three houses we had to walk home to empty the bag, before we could go out there and get more candy. Oh my, so much candy and no melt downs anymore.



In 2007, Kevin had to go with Katelynn to Trick-or-Treat. I was still recovering from a knee injury and rather stayed at home. It was fun. Katelynn was dressed in her “Snow White” costume and received plenty of candy, while the neighbors and I were busy giving out candy. But I have to admit, I missed the door-to-door walk that year.


to be continued next Monday, October 8, 2018

First Visit At The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve (2013)

Five years ago, Sara and I visited the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for the first time. It is only seven miles away from our house. But I had no idea it existed, until I looked at a park map on Google one morning. Katelynn was in school. And Sara was bored, because she had no one to play in the house. So I decided, I take her for a hike to the park. The weather was nice and not too warm. It was perfect to see what the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve has to offer. On the way I said to Sara: “Maybe we see some wildlife in the park.”

When we arrived at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, we saw a lot of hikers, sprinters and runners. I told Sara to stay with me on the right side of the trail, for people who work out can pass us on the left. She did very well. We walked into the forested area. And Sara noticed a couple of squirrels chasing each other. One had a couple of pecans in its mouth. And the other squirrel wanted the first one to share at least one of the pecans. Sara and I made it all the way to the Observation Tower, where we had a nice view over a big portion of the park. After a little rest, we hiked back to the parking lot. Sara was counting the bridges, we crossed along the way. She said: “There were three bridges in total. And the squirrels were funny.” I’m glad, she got entertained on this little trip to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.