Sara’s Flower Garden (1)

This Spring, Sara wanted to start her own garden. So, we gave her one of the raised beds, where she could do with it, what she likes to do. I helped her with sowing some coneflower, cosmos, hyacinth bean, morning glory, and sunflowers. Over the last several months, I posted photos of her flowers. Now in late Summer, the hyacinth beans finally started to bloom. The seeds themselves were actually from previous flowering in The Colony Community Garden and our home garden. Sara is excited. She is hoping, more hummingbirds come for a visit, before they migrate south to Central America. With a little bit of help from Mom and Dad, there might be a good chance, that one or two of the hummies still will visit Sara’s garden this season.

Here are a couple of photos of a hummingbird, which visited the hyacinth bean blossoms for some fresh and delicious nectar in our garden, a couple of years ago.

Backyard Fire, Smoke Monkeys & The Waxing Crescent Moon

Since it is Labor Day weekend, Katelynn and Sara wanted to do something special. Kevin wants to use this weekend to get a good rest, before he’s going back to work on Tuesday. So, we’ve decided to get the fire pit out and a good fire going in the backyard. After dinner, the girls got roasted marshmallows. They still played quite some time with their sticks in in the fire, while Kevin and I kept an eye on them. When Kevin played with the dogs, he saw the crescent Moon in the background of the house, and said: “Honey, the Moon can be seen from here. It’s just a sliver.”

When We Have A Water Break In Our Street …

… I have to see it positive and use the opportunity to capture some photos of the spouting water from the hydrant. And Sara wades with her rubber boots in the rushing water.

Back To School 2019


Yay! The house will be back to normal again. Katelynn had Summer band practice, every Tuesday. And for the last two weeks, she was in Band Camp. So, for her the Summer Break flew by quickly. Since we’ve got two new pets, Sara was so busy, she didn’t realize how fast the break came to an end. It’s hard to believe, we have a Sophomore and a 4th-Grader this school year. I hope, they have a wonderful and safe year in school. To another great school year!

Happy First Day of School!


Lexi Goes To Heaven (2004 – 2019)

*November 28, 2004 – †July 23, 2019

Lexi wasn’t feeling well for the last couple of months. She didn’t eat as much as she used to anymore; her interest levels went down; and she was napping for most of the day. Today, we made the decision that it was time to relieve her from her pain. Lexi was our companion for the last 14 Β½ years. She was the “Queen” and she was “Momma” to pretty much all of our other adopted pets. She taught Katelynn how to walk. And Katelynn loved to share her sandwiches with Lexi, when they both were little.

Our sweet girl, may your body rest in peace. Run free in heaven. Ranger and Finley are waiting at the gate for you. They will show you around and make sure, you finally get your wings. You definitely deserved them. πŸŒˆπŸ•

Happy Three Weeks Anniversary, Ozzy!

Today, Ozzy is with us for three weeks now. He’s such a little “fur tumble”. Everything has to be checked out and becomes a toy. Sara took the cat tunnel in her room, and Ozzy went to town with it. She said: “Finally we have a cat that makes use out of that toy.” Card board boxes and wicker baskets are also a favorite place to hide and play. Ozzy startled Joshua and Chewbacca several times, when the two older cats walked by, and he jumped out of the box.

Joshua finally gave up being a diva. Him and Ozzy play, eat and sleep together most of the times. Joshua has to adjust when there is a new family member coming into the house, every time. As he gets older, the longer it seems to take for him to get along with a new fur ball. When he was younger, it took him only days. Now, it takes him a couple of weeks. But we have to respect his space.

Flip, The Grasshopper

While Kevin mowed the lawn, I planted my agastache, bee balm, lemon balm, and scabiosa in the frontyard garden. Sara noticed the grasshopper on the lawn, when we were done watering the flowers. I asked her to get my camera. With the Nikon I tried to to get as close as possible to the insect. First, the grasshopper was a bit shy and wanted to hide deep by the roots in the soil. But when it was comfortable enough, it poked its head out again. It wasn’t time for Flip to call it a day, yet. Very quietly I rested on the ground and captured photos of the grasshopper. At the end Flip was so comfortable with me being around, we watched the sunset together.