Suburban Clutter: Transmission Towers

I don’t know; today was an odd day. It suppose to rain this afternoon. But nothing really happened until this evening. It was warm, windy and humid. But I wasn’t really in the mood to look for more Autumn trees. Today, I just needed a different object. And I didn’t have to go far to find it. Many photographer try to avoid or erase the suburban clutter out of their pictures, because it doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the pictures. Other photographers look exactly for these objects and places, where they can capture the “suburban clutter”. And so I walked down the street and into the field to get a good view of our transmission towers. Since the sky was gray and dull, it added to the drama in the photos. There might be more images coming from this direction in the future as well. It always makes it more interesting to try something different.

The Full Beaver Moon 2019

 Beaver Moon, Frost Moon, Mourning Moon, Tree Moon

The trees stand dormant and naked. The Summer birds have flown south. The frost settles in or snow begins to fall. The beavers are busy making last minute preparations for the Winter ahead.

The November Full Moon is all about the final Winter preparations. It’s a time to bundle up and relax. A time to surround ourselves with things that will comfort and sustain us during the dark and cold that has so recently arrived at our doorstep.


Autumn In November 2019 (2)

We had a beautiful sunny afternoon, today. The rain is gone, the wind died out, and we had 52°F (11°C). It was comfortable enough to take a walk with a hoodie or a light jacket. Sara and her friend wanted to go to the playground, so they rode with their bikes way ahead of me. I walked slow to take all the nice Autumn beauty in, before I caught up with them. While Sara was still playing, I took the circle around the block to capture more photos. And by the time, I’ve got home, the kids were sitting on the front porch. The waxing gibbous Moon rose in the sky. And the Sun was ready to set.

Autumn In November 2019 (1)

The sun poked through the clouds. And that was a good opportunity to capture more photos of Autumn. We are still not out of the woods with rain. It suppose to get wetter and cooler this week. Today, it was warm and humid in the upper 70s. I had to turn on my air conditioner in the car. otherwise, I’ve almost melted, while picking up Sara from school this afternoon. 🥵🍁🍂🍃

Foggy November Evening


Foggy intersection in our town

After the rain, the air is so moist and just at the right temperature that the fog rolled in. I walked down to the intersection to get some photos of the traffic lights in the fog. Now, I kinda regret, I didn’t bring my tripod for long-exposure shots with me. But there is always a “next time”.

Classic Car Show In The Colony, Texas

When Kevin, the girls and I drove home from shopping, we saw quite a few show cars in the parking lot by one of the corner stores in our community. We’ve decided to make a short stop and look at some of these beautiful old cars. The Hope Fellowship Church hosted this event in The Colony, today. This is their third car show event. Of course, I’ve captured some photos of the oldtimers. Oh my! I came home and looked at the pictures, I’ve noticed I did only photographed the red cars. 😀