American Heroes Festival 2018

Kevin, the girls and I went to the American Heroes Festival, this evening. But we didn’t stay until the fireworks. The girls were bored and hungry already, before Sawyer Brown came on stage. And it was cold anyway. So we left early to have dinner at a local restaurant. It was nice to see Restless Hearts live, let the kids go on some rides and hang out with their friends. When the sun set, I captured some long exposures of the fair rides.

Halloween Season (Part IV) ~ (2013 – 2014)

It’s another “Halloween Season Monday”! This time, I talk about the years 2013 & 2014. Both years, we also went to the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” in The Colony.



In 2013, we decided we wanted to register for the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” in our city. It’s an annual event on the lake peninsula in Stewart Creek Park. We brought our camping gear, Halloween decoration and lots of candy. The event has costume competitions, Halloween decoration competitions, scream competition, Trick-or Treat, Movie Night, etc. The girls loved the camping in the park. For the Halloween season, I carved five pumpkins. Three we used for the above event. And then I carved another two for the girls on Halloween.



As the previous year, we went to the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” again. In 2014, it was much warmer than the prior year. We brought our fire pit to have a little campfire going, this time. The girls had fun. And I won the pumpkin carving contest. Hey, $50 in form of a gift card is not bad. I actually repeated that again, on Halloween. Kevin brought the pumpkin I carved for Halloween to the Italian restaurant down the road. They had it as a display for the night. And a few days later, they called me back saying, I won a $50 gift card. This was a good and creative season. πŸ˜€


… to be continued next Monday, October 29, 2018 …

The Homecoming Parade 2018

Since Katelynn had to participate with her High School Band in the Homecoming Parade tonight, it was a given that Sara was a part of it, too. Sara’s Elementary School Coach gathered the kids from his clubs, so they could walk in the parade as well. Kevin parked at the High School and walked to the starting point. When he arrived, I decided I’m gonna walk in the parade. It has been over four months, since I walked a mile. And this was the perfect first walk after my surgery. In the stadium, the girls were still participating in a dance with the football players, cheerleaders, band, other clubs and the Homecoming King & Queen. The sisters had so much fun, they actually got along with each other, which is very seldom these days. As parents we have to savor these moments. πŸ˜‰

Hiking At The Colony Nature Trail (2013)

When I hike with my camera, the trails are always full of surprises. One time, I walked on The Colony Nature Trail and found two bobcat kittens sitting in the Autumn foliage. On this hike, I walked into a Great Horned Owl. First it sat on a low branch in a tree right in front of me. The owl blended so well in the forested area, I’ve didn’t even notice it. But I’ve must have come too close for comfort. And it flew in a higher tree branch further away. It was still a stunning sight to see this beautiful Great Horned Owl in nature.

The Colony Shoreline Trail In September

Hiking the first mile from the North Colony Blvd. entrance at The Colony Shoreline Trail, I was very lucky with viewing some wildlife on that September morning back in 2013.

Finding A Good Hay Bale Field At The End of Summer

At this time of the year, I usually see a lot of hay bales out in the fields. But finding the right field for some photos can be challenging sometimes. Either the light is not perfect, or the farmer put the bales too close together, which doesn’t look attractive for a little photo shoot. But I found this field across the highway. And when the sun almost set, the light was just at the perfect angle. I was lucky back then. Because now, there is a house community built on that very same field. I don’t like it. But it is part of the progress in the Metroplex.