Vitruvian Christmas Lights

Last year, our local photography group had a field meeting to capture the Christmas lights in the Vitruvian Park in Addison. This was my first visit at that park. And I really enjoyed it. Going late November or early December is the best time for photography. The park is not as crowded than toward the end of the season. Here are some photos I’ve captured, while we were at the Vitruvian Park.

Starfall At Lewisville Lake

This evening, our local photography group had a meeting ย for sunset captures at Stewart Creek Park. It was nice meeting up with some photo friends and have a chit chat about special photo places, again. I always enjoy these field meetings.

First Model Shooting

Last night, our local photography group had the chance to work with the very talented and beautiful young lady, Kelsi Kee. Kelsi is from Dallas and works with big artists in the music industry. We had lots of fun, working with her. And she seemed to enjoy it as well.

At this morning, I finally got the chance to look at all my photos. And there are definitely some quirks I still have to iron out, if I want to do future modeling photography. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Overall it was a very nice experience.

Long Exposure Photography At High Five Interchange

A couple of weeks ago, I went with our local photography group to shoot long exposure photos at the High Five Interchange in Dallas (Interstate 635/US Highway 75). Opening the shutter for almost half-minute, it will leave a nice car light trail. Using the higher Aperture (ฦ’-setting), the street light will show a starburst. And putting the ISO low, won’t over-expose the photo with too much light.

This is something I learned at a carnival over two years ago. I always shot photos in “automatic”. But one night, at the American Heroes Festival in The Colony, a fellow photographer from the group showed me, how to shoot my photos in “manual” with the right Shutter Speed/Aperture/ISO. What an amazing discovery it was for me. From that night forward, I never captured my photos in “automatic”. I always shoot in “manual”. And I love it! โค

Here are some of the images, I’ve captured at the High Five Interchange in Dallas, Texas on February 7, while having fun photographing with the group further south of the Interchange.


High Five Interchange, Dallas, Texas


The view NW from the Churchill Way Bridge, south of the Interchange


Car Traffic Bokeh


Evening Rush Hour