The Homecoming Parade 2019

This is our second year, participating in the Homecoming Parade. Katelynn marched with her High School Band up front. And we stayed with Sara and her Elementary School more in the middle of the parade. It was much warmer than last year. But we took the 95Β°F, than a down poor. After the Homecoming Parade, we went to the The Colony High School Football Stadium to watch the Pep Rally and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. πŸ€΄πŸ‘ΈπŸŽ‰

Back To School 2019


Yay! The house will be back to normal again. Katelynn had Summer band practice, every Tuesday. And for the last two weeks, she was in Band Camp. So, for her the Summer Break flew by quickly. Since we’ve got two new pets, Sara was so busy, she didn’t realize how fast the break came to an end. It’s hard to believe, we have a Sophomore and a 4th-Grader this school year. I hope, they have a wonderful and safe year in school. To another great school year!

Happy First Day of School!


Katelynn’s Back Home


Hometown sign of WΓΌrzburg in Epcot/Walt Disney World

Katelynn and her school band had a blast, the last 3Β½ days. They left early Saturday morning to fly to Florida. When they arrived at Walt Disney World, they went straight to Epcot. Katelynn did show her friends “Germany” and the sign of the city, where she was born. The following day, they spent the day in Disney’s Magic Kingdom. She said, her favorite area was Tomorrowland. And she enjoyed the fireworks, while standing next to Space Mountain. On the third day, the group went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and see the Blue Man Group in Universal Studios. Today, it was clearing the resort rooms, get on the bus to the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and fly back home to Dallas.


Katelynn got herself a Walt Disney World Parks t-shirt and a Star Wars Porg plush toy.

Walt Disney World 2019

Tomorrow is the big the day, Katelynn will fly with her school band to Florida. This will be the fourth time for Katelynn being in Walt Disney World. But it will be the first time without us parents. She’s growing up so fast! 😦 πŸ˜‰ Katelynn’s band won’t march. But they still will have a good time seeing other High School bands marching in the parades. There will be also a few local bands from the DFW Metroplex.


Katelynn’s High School Band t-shirt, she will wear during her trip in Walt Disney World.