Fort Worth At Night – Tarrant County Courthouse

When Sam, my now 22-year-old son, visited the United States two years ago, we went to Fort Worth for one evening. It was a perfect February evening to walk around and see some famous landmarks of Fort Worth. In this blog I focus on the Tarrant County Courthouse.

Fort Worth, Texas

Still living in Germany, when I was younger I needed to get away from my hometown, Würzburg, sometimes. I bought a train ticket and made a day trip to Munich. Seeing something different, with another but still similar mentality gave me a mental boost. I came back happy and went to work telling what I did on my day off, the next day. Munich is in the same state and has a lot of similarity. But it was still different from Würzburg.

In the US, I feel the same way. When I need to see something different than the Dallas, Denton, or Collin County cities, I drive to Fort Worth. It still has the charm of a Texas city and is more relaxed than Dallas. It seems to go in a slower pace. And I like that about Fort Worth.


Fort Worth, Texas (2014)

In October 2014, Sara and I decided to go to Fort Worth to walk along the north side of Trinity River. I wanted to capture some photos of the skyline, the Paddock Viaduct and the Old TXU North Main Power Plant. Packed with some snacks, juices and water, we were on our way. Parking in Fort Worth can be the same “nightmare” as in any other big city. But we figured out to get around it. While Sara was chasing a squirrel back and forth, and played “Hide ‘n’ Seek” with it, I could photograph the historical landmarks along the river. 😉


Half Marathon And 5K Run

This block is from October 22, 2016

Today is a very special day for my family. Sara ran her first 5K Run (5 Kilometers – approx. 3 Miles). And Kevin ran his first Half Marathon (13.1 Miles – approx. 21 Kilometers) at this morning. Kevin got ready to run on the Shoreline Trail by the lake, while I was driving Katelynn and Sara to their Halloween Run at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. At first, Sara didn’t seem so happy about running 5 km. But shortly after the starting line, she made friends along the way. It’s always good to have other kids around, who will encourage one another. Katelynn did well herself. She ran most of the stretch by herself and came in about three minutes before her younger sibling.

Once we were done quenching our thirst and having breakfast burritos, we drove over to the Shoreline Trail. It was about 10:20 am, when I said: “I don’t think Daddy made it through this stretch back, yet. He has about another mile to run, after he passes us. Sure enough, Kevin came around the corner and waving at us ten minutes later. The girls and I were cheering him on. And when he was around the next corner, we left to go home. Kevin told me this afternoon: “It felt so good, when I saw the car and then you coming out and cheering. At that moment I knew, I didn’t have very far to run to the finish line.” It also gave him a big mental boost.


Only one more mile to go, Kevin!

Now, all three are happy what they have accomplished. And this Momma has to make room for three more medals. 😉


UPDATE on April 15, 2017

Today, Kevin ran his second Half-Marathon in Frisco. He seems by far not as hurt as he did the first time in October. This time, he knew what to expect. 🙂

Texas Bluebonnet

It’s this time of year again, when parents and pet owners capture photos of their little ones and puppies in the Bluebonnet fields. Right now, bluebonnets are blooming all over the prairies of Texas. And since it is the state flower of our great Lone Star State, a lot of people are excited to see them bloom.

At this morning, I drove to the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. The wind blew strong. But I found with my camera a way around it. The right settings, and the wind has nothing against my Nikon and me. 😉 Before I made a left turn into the park, I saw a sea of bluebonnets showing themselves from their most beautiful side. The Sun did the other part to make them look good out there. Every time I see a field like this, I wish I could role in it. But I would be in big trouble. The cops would kick my butt; a snake could bite me in my rear end; or a bee could sting me, by confusing me for a flower. So, I will keep photographing them. And others can still enjoy them, when I left. 😉

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Yesterday, we originally wanted to take a trip to the Gorman Falls in the Colorado Bend State Park. The park is 60 miles west of Killeen, TX. On the way driving down there, we went through Glen Rose and saw billboards and signs of the Dinosaur Valley State Park. We made a quick decision, and visited the dinosaur park instead. It was a cool day, but perfect for taking a hike with the kids. The wind was more a breeze. So, it was pretty nice out.

When we arrived we sat down and looked at the map, which we got from the State Park office. Since we didn’t plan to go to this park, we had to rethink and re-organize a little bit. After a short look at the map, we decided to hike along the river and walk a portion on the Paluxy River Nature Trail. Sara and I were feeling a little bit under the weather. Therefore we took it easy, yesterday. I think the Full Moon had a part in it. 😉

The shoreline of the river is sandy, and Sara always wanted to build a sand castle. It took a little bit to talk her out of it, so we could actually hike along the river. A little bit south from where we started, there are some dinosaur footprints in the river bed. But if we wanted to go there, we had to cross the river. We decided against it this time. Kevin and I were talking about camping in this park in the near future, when it is warmer. And then it will be fun getting the shoes of and walking through the river barefoot.

Katelynn found a spot with a lot of pebbles at the shore. Kevin and her looked for nice flat stones to skip across the surface of the water. In the meantime, I had to remind Sara that this is a state park. And we have to leave all these nice pebbles and shells on the ground for others to see and enjoy in the future. She wasn’t very happy about the fact, that she could not take one shell with her. I promised her we’ll to go to Lewisville Lake to collect some there.

As we walked on the Paluxy Nature Trail, we saw a squirrel running up and down the tree to get some padding for the nest, and a male Northern Cardinal sang his heart out in the pine tree nearby. We also saw some wildflowers, like Summer Phlox, Purple Milk Vetch and Indian Paint Brush. Sara enjoyed sitting on Kevin’s shoulder and to see, if she can reach the tree branches above her.

Overall, we spent a couple of hours in the park. We really enjoyed hiking along the Paluxy River. And since it is approximately only an hour and a half away from our house, we definitely will go back to visit again. We also consider to camp in this park. On our hike we “stumbled” across a camping area. It looked very nice and clean. And the campers seemed to enjoy being in this park. They were happy and friendly as well.