Vitruvian Christmas Lights

Last year, our local photography group had a field meeting to capture the Christmas lights in the Vitruvian Park in Addison. This was my first visit at that park. And I really enjoyed it. Going late November or early December is the best time for photography. The park is not as crowded than toward the end of the season. Here are some photos I’ve captured, while we were at the Vitruvian Park.


A couple of years ago, I walked in the neighborhood and found a front yard with Puffballs growing in it. Since I had only my cell phone on me, I walked home, got my camera and drove back to that yard. These were the most beautiful fungi, I’ve ever seen in Texas.

Fort Worth Japanese Garden

A couple of years ago, I visited the Japanese Garden in Fort Worth. It looks so beautiful, when Autumn arrives in the garden. Here are some photos I’ve captured in 2015.

Texas Arbor Day

Texas Arbor Day is a reminder, that it time to get the trees planted at this time of the year. With the cooler conditions, a tree can establish better. In the years to come, we can enjoy their shade in Spring throughout most parts of Autumn. Since 2013, we celebrate Texas Arbor Day on the first Friday of November. Did you hug a tree, yet? No? That’s alright. Sandy did it for y’all.


“I love you, Tree! *Muah-muah-muah* 💋💗🌳

Happy Texas Arbor Day!

Preparing The Community Garden For The Upcoming Winter Season

This morning I watered and checked on the plants at the Community Garden. We still have to pick several cherry tomatoes, peppers and some basil for the pantry. With a light freeze coming up this weekend, we are prepared for the cooler season in the Community Garden. The broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, kale and root vegetables will be fine during the cool spell. And the pansies, snapdragons, sweet william, and violas love this cooler weather anyway. Here are some photos of what’s growing in the garden, now.