Rainy Sunday Morning

This morning, the rain was very welcome. The garden needed it. And it felt good, having a break from the low to mid 90s (32º-35ºC) weather. During the rain, the temperatures reached only the upper mid to upper 60s (18º-20ºC). Now, we get a little bit of sunshine. It feels more muggy in the mid 70s (24º-25ºC).


Beautiful rain droplets on a corn leaf, I’ve photographed in 2013.

More Mammatus Clouds

This is the third time this Spring, I witnessed the clouds turning into Mammatus (utter) clouds. While I was waiting on the front porch for Kevin to come home from work, I’ve noticed the wind blew slightly cooler. A Canada Goose flew over the neighbor’s house. And that’s when I saw, that we had Mammatus clouds over head of us. They are usually not dangerous and fun to watch. Sometimes, I can see some animals-shaped clouds as well.

Sunday Grilling In Our Backyard

This morning Kevin mowed the lawn, before the girls could play in the sprinklers. Katelynn got bored with it a little bit. She rather sat next to me and talked about her transition from Middle School to High School. Sara couldn’t get enough of jumping back and forth in the sprinkling water. While Sara played in the cool wet, Kevin and I were discussing what we have for dinner tonight. We decided on grilled chicken with potato salad.

Kevin got the grill ready and heated up; Katelynn went inside to play her computer game for a little bit; Sara tried off with her towels; and I watched the dogs rolling around in the grass. Lexi and Luis were staying close to Kevin, when he was tending the grill. Man, that chicken meat smelled so good. Of course, the dogs noticed it as well. Lexi looked at Kevin: “Daddy, are you dropping something for us, soon? My mouth is watering from this good smell!” They got a better and more healthier treat, once we all went back inside. Hmmm! The chicken  and salad taste so good on this beautiful, sunny Spring Sunday.

Cumulonimbus Mammatus Clouds

After the rain was gone and the sky cleared out west, Sara and I watched some beautiful clouds, named Cumulonimbus Mammatus, in the sky. They don’t have to be always perfectly round (utter-shaped) to be called Mammatus. It’s fun to look them, at this time of the year.

Rainy May Day

This morning, the rain was so soothing that we slightly overslept. We still all made it to work and school in time. But Kevin usually gets up 30 minutes earlier than he did today. That half an hours is HIS wake up and shower time, before he wakes Sara and me up. Since Katelynn’s school begins much later, she can snooze another 45 min., before it is time for her to get up.

It is mild outside. Flora and Fauna can use all this precious water, before it will get hot in the upcoming several days. Kevin will be busy, mowing the lawn more frequently as well. But today, I just take the beauty of this soaking and cleansing rain in.

April Cotton Clouds

While the neighboring cities dealt with nasty storms and hail, we’ve got only a few drops and a spectacular view of those stormy cotton clouds. The clouds were so bright, I had to put my shutter speed and aperture settings much higher than usual to get all the shades and forms of this beautiful cloudscape.