American Hero 5K Run

This morning, Kevin, Katelynn and Sara participated in the American Hero 5K Run. Kevin ran it in 33:26 min.; Sara ran it in 34:25 min., made 1st Place in her age group and won a Gold Medal; Katelynn ran a relaxed 50:44 min. Katelynn told us before, this might be her last run for a while. She wants to spend more time with her clarinet, and rather competes with the band.

Thank you to all the Veterans, who have served and to all the Military Members, who still serve for this great country!

Starfall At Lewisville Lake

This evening, our local photography group had a meeting  for sunset captures at Stewart Creek Park. It was nice meeting up with some photo friends and have a chit chat about special photo places, again. I always enjoy these field meetings.

The Colony Nature Trail

At this morning the temperatures were in the low 40s with lots of sunshine. It was very inviting for a hike at the lake. I decided to park the car at the Shoreline parking lot and walk into Stewart Creek Park. I encountered an egret strutting across the walkway. There was a small body of water, which the egret was very interested in. After passing the egret and greeting some hikers, a flock of cormorants flew over the peninsula, to find a better fishing spot.

Meanwhile, I looked at the lake and decided to walk over to the Nature Trail. It’s a hidden gem on Steward Peninsula, nestled between a residential area and a golf course. On this trail, I photographed a great horned owl and baby bobcats before. It is a nice place to do some bird watching. I always enjoy, when I hear the blue jays and the chickadees. Here and there, a little fox squirrel climbs up and down the trees. And the “knock-knock-knock” of the woodpeckers sound so relaxing. … until a dog barks to greet me, and I realize I’m in the middle of a town. 😉

This time I saw some beautiful songbirds at the trail, again. But I also found something in a tree, I haven’t seen for a while: a honey comb. It looked abandoned. But sure enough, it made my mouth watery, looking at all that beautiful wild honey. Hmm, yummy! I’m also glad to see, we still have honey bees. ❤

Seagulls At Lewisville Lake

Despite the cool weather and the even cooler wind chills, I went for a walk at Lewisville Lake. All bundled up and with my Nikon D5100 in tow, I looked out for some wildlife along the trail. I saw some seagulls sitting on a dock, in the distance. When I arrived at the dock, some seagulls were sitting close to each other. Others flew up and to a different spot to get closer to their flock. I kept watching them for a little bit. They must have been thinking: “Brrr, it’s cold today! A fish feast would be perfect to keep us warm! Maybe this stalking lady has a burger and some french fries for us!” 😉