Our First Indy Car Race At Texas Motor Speedway

Last night, Kevin, Katelynn, Sara and I went to the Indy Car Racing at the Texas Motor Speedway. Sara’s school won the Speeding To Read contest for the second year in the row. And her class read the most books in her school. Therefore, she and her classmates won tickets to the DXC Technology 600 – Indy Car Racing Series at Texas Motor Speedway.

When we arrived, we watched the No Limits Offroad Rumble. After the National Anthem, three F-16 flew over the Racetrack, before the IndyCar Racing started at about 7:45 pm.

Kevin, the girls and I didn’t stay until the end of the race. The girls were tired, and we wanted to get out, before we get stuck in traffic. This way, it was a smooth way ride back home.


NASCAR: Speeding To Read & Texas Motor Speedway ’18

Sara’s Elememtary school is the winner in the Speeding To Read competition for the second year in the row. Last year, the students got a visit from NASCAR driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, Jr. On Thurday, Aric Almirola came to their school. Aric got quite a few questions asked about NASCAR, the car he’s driving, and personal questions from several students. He was very patient explaining the answers to the kids.

Second-grader Mirayah Wortman won this year’s Lionel Racing’s “Design a Die-Cast” challenge. She chose the colors red, orange and yellow, which represent fire fighters. Aric admired the design and said, that his father was a fire fighter for over 30 years. “But NASCAR drivers don’t like fire!” he joked. Last year’s model car, which was designed by Xavier Gooden, will be in Walmart stores and Target stores by July.


NASCAR Cup O’Reilly 500 At Texas Motor Speedway

Oh boy! That was an interesting race, yesterday afternoon. The race started out with 37 cars, and ended with 20 left when Kyle Busch went though the finish line. With other words: The race was far from being boring. Alex Bowman hit the wall right in front of us in the third or fourth lap. He kept going, but left a lot of smoke behind. Most NASCAR drivers drove through the pit area; but some went straight over the grass, because they couldn’t see anything. All they could hope for was not hitting anything. The smoke was just too thick.

The race went so smooth, I almost dozed off while texting on my phone, when Martin Truex Jr., (#78) blew his tire. That BOOM woke my a$$ up, quickly. I said to Kevin and Sara: “Ooh, finally we get some action here!” And it didn’t take long until Kyle Larson (#42) plowed into the wall right at Turn 2. Minutes later, Denny Hamlin (#11) lost control over his vehicle and caused a pile up in Turn 4. Unfortunately Jimmie Johnson (#48) and Aric Almirola (#10) got involved in that wreck and were out of the race. 😢

After more tires and engines blew up, and some car fires (not major, but stinky … I still can smell the burned rubber a day later. LOL), only 20 cars were left in the race. Kyle Busch (#18) went though the finish line, and Kevin Harvick (#4) was on his heals. Bubba (#43) was the rookie and finished 8th. Sara wore her Bubba t-shirt for “Good Luck”. And it worked. 😉 What a crazy and fun race it was at the Texas Motor Speedway, yesterday.


NASCAR: Speeding To Read & Texas Motor Speedway

The last couple of days were very busy and all about NASCAR:

“Speeding To Read” is a NASCAR and INDYCAR–themed reading program created by Texas Motor Speedway in 2011 to encourage elementary school students to read more frequently during the school year. Sara’s school is one of the 25 schools which participate in the “Speeding To Read” competition this school year. Hers and another school are tied at 100 percent. On Thursday was a big day for these children. NASCAR had a surprise visitor/race car driver, a race car designer and Die-cast for the children in store. Darrell “Bubba” Wallace came to the school to talk about him becoming a NASCAR driver. Brendan Droppo creates the design for Jimmie Johnson’s car. And Die-cast is the company, which makes it possible to get the designs on the cars.

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace is speaking to the children at a local elementary school.

Since Kevin always gets our tickets for the Texas Motor Speedway months ahead, we had nice seats close to the starting line, today. We usually watch the qualification race, on the day before the big race. That way, we avoid the big crowd. And we can enjoy the race, not feeling like being sardines in a fish can. It was Sara’s second race (Last year in Spring was her first NASCAR race.). She was very excited that Bubba was driving in today’s race. And she enjoyed cheering him on. Unfortunately, it was very warm this afternoon. And the heat started getting to all of us. Since we wanted to make sure, she’s not getting heat exhausted, we packed up and left way before the race ended. On the way home, I kept an eye at the race on Kevin’s phone. Bubba made it to Rank #6, again. He seems to be very steady with that rank. In the first five major races, he was in 6th place as well. And he drives the car #6. 😉 Erik Jones, #20, won the XFINITY race today.