Masters of The Sky

Every year in November, I’ve noticed that a couple of Turkey Vultures and one or two Red-tailed Hawks team up to soar the sky above our neighborhood. Sometimes, they stick around above our house to see, if there is a mouse, a small bunny or a song bird, they can swoop and have it for dinner. At this time of the year, I feed the smaller birds and the Eastern Cottontails more frequently. It also attracts the Birds of Prey. Not seldom, I have a Cooper’s Hawk or a Swainson’s Hawk sitting in my trees or on my fence. Since the community got bigger, due to more houses built in the surrounding neighborhood, wildlife finds its home in our backyard.

A Red-tailed Hawk soars the sky above our house.
A Turkey Vulture teamed up with the Red-tailed Hawk to find food.

The Red-tailed Hawk

When I was on my way to pick up Sara, I saw a red-tailed hawk soaring over the sports field next to her school. After I picked her up, I drove to the parking lot and scanned the sky. Sure enough the hawk took a break and sat on one of the spot light poles. Sara and I walked across the school field, until we reached the fence. There I could capture a couple of photos of this big bird. Another red-tailed hawk was nearby on another pole. But it was too far for me taking a good photo of it. At this time of the year, there is plenty of food for them in these fields.