Ratatouille, The Rat

Since we built so many houses, businesses, sport centers etc., wildlife tries to find a place to feed, populate, and hide from predators, in the last ten years. All animals roam in the neighborhood, because they lost their original territory to human developments. Therefore, we get also visited by rodents like mice and rats. After hearing some commotions in the attic and in the center wall again, Kevin put the trap out last night. He made sure, there was a marshmallow with plenty of peanut butter as a attraction for whatever is roaming around inside the house. This morning, Kevin checked the trap. And sure enough, Ratatouille sat in there with all the peanut butter gone. Marshmallow is obviously not on his menu. It is still untouched. Kevin couldn’t take care of the rat to release it in a nearby field, this morning. So, the rat has to wait in “Rodent Jail”, until this evening. I felt sorry for Ratatouille being trapped in the cold. So, I put the trap on the greenhouse floor, gave him some extra peanut butter, so he can stay warm. Even when he’s a rodent, which can carry tons of diseases, he’s still a living creature. That’s why we’ve got a “Catch-and-Release” trap. Ratatouille slept for most of the day. Now, we just have to wait for Daddy to come home and release him. Let Mother Nature take care of him.

Ratatouille is in “Rodent Jail”, and waits for Kevin to release him in a nearby field, this evening.

Cute Halloween Pinterest Ideas


Over the years, I found some very cute and easy-DIY ideas on Pinterest. I’ve got the materials and took the time to do it myself. It is cheaper and fun to create. Not to forget to mention, not everyone has the same old Halloween decor in the yard, in a window, or on a shelf.

  • Katelynn always wanted a Pet Ghost in a jar. So I made her one with a big cotton swab, phosphor colored spray, mini pom-pom, a glass jar, black paint, a print out I found on a website, and a flameless candle.
  • The cat and the witch, I printed out on a regular 8″x11″ paper, went to my former company, and let it print out on a bigger scale. I glued them on black craft paper. This way, the light didn’t shine through. The rats I did the same way, without printing them on a bigger scale.
  • The Mummy lantern is simply made from some medical gauze and googly eyes; the Jack-o-Lantern jar is painted, and decorated with a printout silhouette.