The Day After My Ablation/Laparoscopic Surgery

Yesterday, I finally got my uterine ablation and my laparoscopic surgery done. Since I’m fighting chronic anemia and developed some blood clots in my portal and splenic veins, I had to fix the heavy bleeding during menstruation. The Pill and the IUD was not an option. Therefore my OBGYN and I rooted for the uterine ablation. But the ablation alone is not a 100% contraception to prevent me from getting pregnant. We also decided that I get my fallopian tubes removed while I’m in anesthesia. Said, done! I was in the hospital as a day-patient. The surgery started around 1 pm. And at 7:45 pm I was released from the hospital. Unfortunately I had a little bit a harder time with the nausea from the anesthesia, the doctor’s and nurses wanted to keep an eye on me. I warned them before, I might get very nauseated. They fixed it with me breathing alcohol strips and an IV, which prevented me from throwing up. And by the time they wheeled me out, I was doing perfectly fine again. I didn’t even feel it, when Kevin gave me a ride back home.

Today, I’m taking two Tylenol every six hours. I feel a pinch here and there. But overall, I’m doing much better than I anticipated. Every time after I used the bathroom, I walk around in the house for little bit. The blood needs to keep flowing throughout my body. But I also get exhausted very easily. I’m so glad, the surgery went well and is over. There was a lot on my mind, the last few weeks. Now, I can rest my mind and heal from the procedure. Since I’m getting bored very easy, I use the opportunity to work back to back on my blogs. I couldn’t get out much, the last couple of months. So, I’ll post photos from previous Summers and early Autumns. I’m glad, I’m back! 😉


I’m Poking My Head In …

… to say “Hello”. Sunday, I was released from the hospital. And so far, I’m doing good at that stage, where I am right now. Next to a little bit of house work, I need to walk. That will help the medicine to work and dissolve these blood clots faster. Kevin is a trooper. He has to poke me in my belly twice a day, for ten days. After that I’ll get blood thinners in pill form. He doesn’t like to do it. But it helps him, when I jokingly call it: Operation Bee Sting. That makes us both laugh, and it is only half as bad as it sounds. The next couple of weeks, I have to visit the doctors a few times. And then we’ll go from there. So far, so good. I have to take it day-by-day for a while. Patience is the key. 😉

Btw, after I brought Katelynn to her Band Camp, I saw this beautiful Widow Skimmer sitting on the neighbor’s Crape Myrtle tree this morning. I’ve got my camera real quick and captured a photo of the dragonfly. It’s definitely dragonfly season. That makes me happy. 🙂

Widow Skimmer Dragonfly on Crape Myrtle

Hello, I’m Still Kicking!

I haven’t posted much the last several days, due to the fact that I’ve got sick and ended up in the hospital, again. Eight weeks ago I was in the hospital, when the doctors found out I have chronic anemia. Well, my blood count and my iron levels look good now. But the medicine, one of my doctors prescribed has a side effect: It caused me to develop blood clots in my portal vein, which leads to the liver, lungs, spleen and stomach. After a couple of days with severe pain in my tummy, Kevin drove me to the E.R. The doctors ordered a sonogram and a CAT scan. They also made sure, I have no issues with my gall bladder. When the E.R. doctor came back with the results, I was kinda relieved to get an answer. It was not an answer I was hoping for, but I finally knew, why I’m hurting so bad. The same morning, I was admitted for an over-night watch to the hospital. One night turned into three nights, which is okay for me. Because I want to make sure, I will feel better and get the right prescriptions. I know I’m in good hands, here in the hospital. So, I will take it easy and day-by-day.

But I can’t wait to post more blogs with photos of my daily adventures. See y’all soon, again. 😉

Hugs 💗 Tanja