Auntie of Twin Boys

Awww! My sister’s baby boys were born in Germany, this morning. The births went well. The boys are okay. And Mommy is recovering from her C-section. The two little, handsome boys made me an Aunt for the fifth and sixth time.

In respect for my sister’s and the newborns’ privacy, I won’t post any photos and more detailed information of the babies. At least, not for now. I might even get in trouble for announcing it online, already. But as a proud Auntie, I can live with maybe getting yelled for doing that. πŸ˜‰

πŸ’™Louis & Luca *03-15-2019πŸ’™


Storytime With Teddy

Since the girls are still young, I’m always up to something fun and silly with plush toys. Our kids grow up way too fast. So I enjoy the goofy little things in life, as long as I can with the girls. One of my old children books has arrived, after my own book got lost by moving from one place to another. I finally found one online and I received it by mail, two days ago.

Today when the master bed was straightened, I sat Teddy on my side. And then I had an idea. Teddy had to see my new/old story book from when I was Sara’s age. Sure enough, he enjoyed reading it. (Did you know, Teddy can read in German, too?) πŸ˜‰ Shortly after the cute set-up, Sara came into the bedroom. She started laughing and asked: “Can I sit next to Teddy and have a storytime?” “Sure! Let’s have storytime with Teddy. He would love it, if you join him reading the book”, I replied. Sara and Teddy had a blast reading stories. They giggled and pointed at pictures.

Teddy and Sara read stories happily ever after.

The End