Beautiful Sunset In March

This morning, I missed the beautiful sunrise. Because I had a date with Mr. Pillow and Mr. Blanket. Later in the day, I saw pictures online. And I was like: Grrrrr! How could I miss it?! But we’ve got rewarded with a beautiful March Spring sunset this evening as well.

A Beautiful Spring-like Day In Early March

Today was such a beautiful day. So I spent some time with my camera in the backyard. The photos of the Brown-headed Cowbirds and the little Dark-eyed Junco, I posted in the previous blog. But here are some photos of peach tree buds, wild blooms, Bradford Pear blossoms, and a contrail of an airplane/jet I watched along the sky.

Spring Rain

Wow! I can’t believe we are two months into 2018, already. Time flies way too fast. But on a good note: Spring is near. YAAAY! The last ten days we had so much rain. And it is so much needed in Texas, too. But it makes our yard very saturated. I was tired getting my feet wet. So, I went and bought some rubber boots earlier in the week. And do I love them. Yesterday, I looked across the street. And I saw, my neighbor’s tree is in Spring bloom. Well, the rain is not stopping this girl from shooting photos in the rain anymore (unless, it’s lightning). I walked over there and captured several photos of the new bloom and the rain droplets. It feels so good seeing signs of Spring. Last night, the crickets had their first “concert” of the year. And they were loud. Maybe, they had a heavy metal music competition. 😉 It was so wonderful to hear them chirp, before next rain front came in a couple of hours later.

Chapel of Thanksgiving In Dallas, Texas

A few years ago, Sam (my son) came from Germany to visit family in the USA. We reserved one day to do some sight seeing in downtown Dallas. Since I always wanted to check out the Chapel of Thanksgiving, we walked over to the Thanks-Giving Square. Once we were inside the Chapel, the “Glory Window” looked really impressive. All these beautiful stained glasses in the spiral roof look amazing. The window was created by Gabriel Loire in 1976.

Our House Tigers: Joshua & Chewbacca

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. They were done between January and August 2016.

The Christmas Tree Ball

One particular Christmas ornament caught my eye over the last few weeks. And I always wanted to photograph it. Tonight I was bored watching the same comedy episodes, again.  And it rains like “cats and dogs”, anyway. I pulled out my camera, and started with my little project. Now, I’m happy I’ve got that done.


I finally captured a longtime exposure of this Christmas ornament, I was eye-balling throughout the season.