2019, In The Garden

Gardening & Bird Watching

While I worked in the garden, Chewbacca hung out with me in the backyard. First, he ate some grass blades. And then he looked at the birds. There were so many too watch in the trees, in the bushes and on the fence. Chewbacca prowled on a couple of birds. But they were much faster. Sometimes, the birds startled him when the whole flock flew off into another tree. In the meantime, I planted my onion slips, rhubarb and strawberries. When I was done, with my garden work, Chewbacca was ready to come into the house. It was enough adventure for him in one day.

2019, In The Garden

Our Garden In Mid-February 2019

Finally, I’ve got around to plant some broccoli, lettuce, and spinach in the raised bed. After I fertilized the bed really well, the plants went into the soil. Kevin can not wait to get fresh lettuce from our home garden, on the table in Spring. So, I always have to plant some lettuce. Katelynn and Sara love their broccoli. And I just enjoy some fresh spinach. Since Winter is not over quite yet, and we still can get nights below freezing point, I made sure, the small plants are covered with straw and Fraser Fir branches. My next project is to get the onion slips into the ground. It feels so good gardening, again.

2018, In The Garden

The Colony Community Garden In Early October 2018

After over three months, I finally came back to the Community Garden. Christi took good care of the garden, while I was out due to sickness. But she had a lot of work to keep up with the six beds. After my tomato plants quit producing (we had a good harvest this Summer) and the tomatillos were a bust, she pulled them all out. Now, the pepper plants and the basil can breath, after all the weeds under the tomatoes are gone as well.

This afternoon I was in the garden, pulled some weeds and noticed a big fire ant hill in my front raised bed. Oh boy! I have to get rid of these ants first, before I can plug the weeds out in that area. Kevin, Sara and I went back over this evening. While Kevin was treating the ant hill, Sara and I looked at the plants and captured some photos in the garden.

🍁🍂🍃 Happy Autumn Gardening! 🍃🍂🍁

2018, In The Garden

Planning For The Autumn Garden

Even when it is hot outside, I have to plan for my Autumn garden. Last week I’ve started sowing plants. And this week, we have some seedlings sprouting on the porch. I keep them in the shade for most of the day, because I don’t want the sun to torch them at that stage.

Happy Gardening!

2018, In The Garden

Refreshing June Rain

The last several weeks, it was very warm in North Texas. We had temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 90s. The forecast for the upcoming days don’t look any different either. But we’ve got a break, today. This morning we had a thunderstorm with much needed rain. And that storm cooled down the temps quite a bit. While I’m writing this blog, it’s only 71ºF. By the afternoon, we supposed to reach only mid 80s. Oh yes, I enjoy every little bit of it. Earlier in the morning, I planted more peppers in my home raised bed. Digging in the wet soil felt so good, again. A cottontail rabbit watched every move I made in the garden; in hope, I might give it some cabbage leaves for it to nipple in the yard. I’ve also noticed, that my jalapeño plants have more blooms, and my tomato plants are producing more ‘maters. That makes me feel good. After the rain, I captured photos of rain droplets in the garden and yard. 🙂

2018, In The Garden

Our Early April Garden

While the Texas weather plays April Fool’s in the first week of the month, our garden is in good care. Yesterday was cold, today is warm and extremely windy, and tomorrow morning we supposed to get 39ºF (4ºC). The forecast shows no end to this bi-polar weather. This evening, I have to cover the more sensitive plants to protect them from the cool night. The months of April is always challenging. But their is a saying: April Showers Bring May Flowers! We just need to get over this little hump in Spring.

This morning, I checked my vegetables. And I saw some of them peeking their little heads out between the leaves. We have a tiny bell pepper, a couple of jalapeño, and a teeny tiny head of cauliflower. Last Winter, I lost my cauliflowers due to the freeze. This Spring, I’m babying them. I’m so determined to grow cauliflower. Because my grand parents had no success with it, in their garden in southern Germany. I want to prove to myself, I can do it. 😉 When I’m successful, my family will have a good cauliflower meal. ❤

2018, In The Garden

First Year-Asparagus

Last month, I put some asparagus roots in a crate full of soil. I did this a few years back, and I had some great asparagus in the second and third year. Asparagus grows very thin in the first year. It’s edible, but I usually let it grow into fern. My tomatoes love them as companions. And so do the peppers and the basil. But I have to keep the asparagus in a crate, because it is very invasive. If I had enough room, I wouldn’t mind growing asparagus in a raised bed. But it will take over, if not watched carefully. Hmmm, I can see fresh asparagus recipes in the future. 😉

First Year-Asparagus is very thin. It will be much thicker the following years.
2018, In The Garden

Growing New Celery From Old Celery

Last week, I put the end piece of a celery stalk in a bowl of water to force new growth. I did this with green onions and romaine lettuces before, and could plant them in the soil for years to come. But for some reason, I had no luck with celery. It always began to rot in the water or in the soil. Well, I don’t give up so easy when it comes to plants anyway. So, here is my “gazillionth” attempt to grow celery from celery, again. I’ll keep you updated. It either will grow, and I’ll post more pics, or it will die and I’ll let you know. Wish me luck. 😉

Another attempt to grow new celery from an old celery bulb.


Update on February 10, 2018: The last few weeks, the stems and leaves of the celery grew much longer. I’m still hesitant to put it in soil. It has some roots. But I’m afraid, it will rot in the dirt. Maybe I let it mature a little longer and wait until it becomes warmer outside, before I make that decision.

The stems and leaves of the celery grew quite a bit over the last few weeks.