Relaxing Sunday

After a busy week: Sara got her new Jiu Jitsu belt; ducklings and a mouse; and Sara having a dance performance in the Senior Citizen Center; we are taking it easy this Sunday. The girls play with their peers outside. And Kevin is still sore from yesterday’s Half-Marathon, he ran in Frisco. The pets snuggle with us on the dining room furniture, while we watch TV. This upcoming week is more relaxed, before we all get busy in the following week again.


Colorado Blue Columbine

Spring Feels Sooo Goood!

Joshua slipped out the patio door, this afternoon. And the first thing he did, was rubbing all the Winter itchies out and all the good great smell of Spring into his fur. “Spring feels sooo goood! When you gonna grill more chicken for me?” he asked with this particular look in his eyes, when he came around from behind the grill.

Our House Tigers: Joshua & Chewbacca

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. They were done between January and August 2016.

Luis & Mrs. Rabbit

Since the day we adopted Luis, our dog and Mrs. Rabbit have a special bond. Luis loved to chase Mrs. Rabbit through our whole backyard. And they both were fast. As soon as Luis saw her in the yard, he leaped halfway across the deck. But Mrs. Rabbit was fast enough to escape through one of the holes in the fence. Back then I thought, he wanted to catch and hurt her.

One day in Autumn 2016, I noticed something interesting: Luis and Mrs. Rabbit were running across the yard again, when Luis lost interest all of a sudden. He had to go and do #2. While he sniffed out an area to do his business, Mrs. Rabbit stopped running. Okay, that still looks normal. But then she turned around and hopped back to Luis. She sat maybe a foot and a half away and waited patiently for him. In the meantime she nibbled on some grass, until Luis was done. They looked at each other for a moment, as she would ask him: “Are you ready?” “Yep! I’m ready to play!” And the chasing game began all over again.

Since that day Mrs. Rabbit comes close to the patio door and waits for Luis to come outside in the morning. Luis seems not to chase her as much, lately. And Mrs. Rabbit looks a little bit bigger. She might be pregnant. Luis is a good pup and gives Mrs. Rabbit a break for now. And I can’t wait to see baby bunnies hopping all over our backyard, again.


Mrs. Rabbit waits for Luis to come out and play with her, every morning.

Our New “Cat Jail” ;)

My cats always had the freedom to go outdoors. And they really enjoyed it. But Joshua has the tendency to run at large. Therefore we had to pick him up from the shelter twice, since we adopted him five years ago. Well, I still rather do that than find out he became a bobcat or coyote snack. Monday evening, Sara and I witnessed when he almost got run over by a car. Thank goodness, the driver had good reaction and Joshua could leap out of the way in time. But I had enough. I talked to Kevin and insisted we need a catio, the very same night. A catio is a cat cage for the patio or backyard. Yep, I always thought people with a catio are crazy. Now, I’m one of the crazy cat people myself. 😉

Thursday afternoon the catio arrived. And today, Kevin spent a couple of hours to put it together this afternoon. Surprisingly, Joshua stayed in the backyard. He was curious what Daddy is building on the patio. Chewbacca was nowhere seen for a couple of hours. Once the cage was ready, we put Joshua in it to check it out. He did not like it at first. And he probably still don’t like it. But when Chewbacca came around to check this new box-like thingy out, Joshua calmed down. He began to enjoy the last rays of the afternoon Sun. Chewbacca wasn’t so sure about this new place either. But he liked the fact, he can watch “Cat Food Network” in the great outdoors, instead from behind the patio door. So all is good for him. Time will tell, if this was a good investment.

Joshua’s Offering

Joshua was bouncing and prowling to catch that particular mouse in the backyard for a couple of days. Today when Kevin was done uninstalling the Christmas lights, Joshua came around the corner and laid the dead mouse carefully right in front of his feet. Joshua looked at Kevin: “Are you eating it or not? If not, I will dig in!” But before that happened, I swooped up the mouse with a bag and threw it in the trash can. Sorry, but I don’t like mouse guts all over my garage and driveway. The mouse fed the purpose for Joshua’s hunting skills. Instead of mouse, Josh’ got some mashed ‘taters with a little bit of gravy.