Fungus Among Us

When it is cool enough and it rained or we have some dew, the mushrooms begin here and there to pop up in our yard in the morning. It feels like being in a fairy land, at this time of the year. This little fungus grew in the shade behind our house in the backyard.

2018, In The Garden

Fairies & Kobolds

I always remember the day, we’ve got our first fairy house and put it in the frontyard. Sara and her friends had a blast with all the tales, I was telling them about the garden fairy tales.

2017, In The Garden

Kobolds & Mushrooms

The fairies like our garden so much, they sent out the kobold to grow some mushrooms for the garden. Sara was happy, that Mrs. Rabbit pointed the mushrooms out to her. I told Sara, that the kobold must have been very busy taking good care of the mushrooms. Now, she’s waiting for the kobold to grow more mushrooms around the fairy house. 😉 But for the mushrooms to grow, we need a little bit more rain.

The kobold added some mushrooms in our garden.
2017, In The Garden

Mushroom Garden

I watched the Sun rising from my backyard, when I noticed a little mushroom by the tree stump this morning. Something took a bite out of it to taste it. When I walked into my greenhouse, I even found some glass mushrooms in there. “Tinkerbell” and the other fairies will really enjoy the yard with all these little fungus popping out of the ground. 🍄