The December Waning Gibbous Perigee Moon

The Waning Gibbous Perigee Moon looks very beautiful in the background of our Christmas lit house. I captured some photos, before the Moon was too high in the sky.

UPDATE: Ha! About an hour after I took these photos, the clouds rolled in with thunder and lightning. What a lucky moment I went outside and saw the Moon, in time.

Waxing Gibbous Moon In December

This evening I watched the Moon rise, on my front porch. When Luna was behind my neighbor’s tree, I saw a good photo opportunity and captured these pictures. The tree branches still have some leaves left, and they all framing the waxing gibbous Moon with their beautiful Autumn silhouettes.

The Late Hunter’s Full Moon

In 2017 the Hunter’s Full Moon rises in early November, due to the Harvest Moon was in early October and therefore closest to the Autumnal Equinox. Coincidental, it is the second largest Moon of this year. It will rise ride after sunset, and set at dawn.


Autumn branch silhouette in the Hunter’s Full Moon light. (11-03-2017)


Ha, what a lucky moment: I caught an airplane right in front of the Hunter’s Full Moon, before it landed in the Dallas Love Field Airport. (11-03-2017)