The Tiger Lily & The “Autumn Beauty”

I’m not physically feeling well, today. But I couldn’t stay in bed and in the house all day either. So I walked around my raised beds to see what’s growing and in bloom. Sitting in the house is uncomfortable and depressing. Even when I couldn’t stay outside for long, at least the fresh blooming Tiger Lily and the “Autumn Beauty” Sunflower put a smile in my face. ๐Ÿ™‚

Refreshing June Rain

The last several weeks, it was very warm in North Texas. We had temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 90s. The forecast for the upcoming days don’t look any different either. But we’ve got a break, today. This morning we had a thunderstorm with much needed rain. And that storm cooled down the temps quite a bit. While I’m writing this blog, it’s only 71ยบF. By the afternoon, we supposed to reach only mid 80s. Oh yes, I enjoy every little bit of it. Earlier in the morning, I planted more peppers in my home raised bed. Digging in the wet soil felt so good, again. A cottontail rabbit watched every move I made in the garden; in hope, I might give it some cabbage leaves for it to nipple in the yard. I’ve also noticed, that my jalapeรฑo plants have more blooms, and my tomato plants are producing more ‘maters. That makes me feel good.ย After the rain, I captured photos of rain droplets in the garden and yard. ๐Ÿ™‚

Blooming Lily

When I looked at my garden from my patio door, I saw one of the lilies blooming in the flower raised bed. Before the thunderstorm came in, I took my camera and captured this beauty. I was very lucky. Moments after the photo-taking, a strong cool wind blew in from the NW and then it started to lightning and thundering. It was time to go back into the house.