The Homecoming Parade 2019

This is our second year, participating in the Homecoming Parade. Katelynn marched with her High School Band up front. And we stayed with Sara and her Elementary School more in the middle of the parade. It was much warmer than last year. But we took the 95Β°F, than a down poor. After the Homecoming Parade, we went to the The Colony High School Football Stadium to watch the Pep Rally and the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen. πŸ€΄πŸ‘ΈπŸŽ‰

Last Day of School 2019


School Year 2018/2019

When School Is Closing Soon

When school is closing soon,
my heart gets excited!
But, I’ll miss my friends and teacher
so my feelings are divided.
I think of all I’ve learned,
like math, writing, and reading.
I’m proud of my accomplishments
and how I’ve been succeeding!
So, here’s to Summer months of fun
and to the next year, too!
I’ll always remember this school year
and how much I grew!

Author: Janiel Wagstaff

The Holidays At The Colony Central Fire Station

Every year, The Colony Central Fire Station celebrates the Season with lots of Christmas lights and music. One year, a police office started the Light-o-Rama at his house across the park. The Fire Department liked it so much, they got some volunteers to help with their light-o-Rama, and it became a tradition. After the Parade of Lights, Santa flips the switch and turns on the lights at the Fire Station, in early December. From that day on, we citizens of The Colony can sit in the parking lot, tune our radio and listen to the music, while watching the lights, until after New Year.

Katelynn’s Winter Concert 2018


Tonight was Katelynn’s first Winter Concert performance as a High School student. Next to “Stille Nacht” (German for “Silent Night” by Franz Gruber), the Synphonic Band also performed “Bravura” (C. E. Duble), “Old Days” (James Pankow) and “Jingle Bells” (James Pierpont).

Here is “Stille Nacht” performed by TCHS Symphonic Band:


The Colony Parade of Lights


Katelynn was participating in the Parade of Lights, tonight. Unfortunately, the photo I have captured of her didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. It was too dark. Oh well! It’s not the end of the world. But I still captured some photos of the event in our community. We had a beautiful night. Sara and the neighbor’s boys collected candy from the floats. And Katelynn had a good time, marching with her band mates in the parade. The weather was nice and warm enough for Sara to be in shorts. Yeah, in Texas it is a little bit harder to get into the mood of the holidays, when it is still 70ΒΊF (21ΒΊC) during the days. But this suppose to change on Monday. And we will have a fire burning in the fireplace, hot cocoa, and snuggly pyjamas, while watching Christmas movies in the evenings.


Masters of The Sky

Every year in November, I’ve noticed that a couple of Turkey Vultures and one or two Red-tailed Hawks team up to soar the sky above our neighborhood. Sometimes, they stick around above our house to see, if there is a mouse, a small bunny or a song bird, they can swoop and have it for dinner. At this time of the year, I feed the smaller birds and the Eastern Cottontails more frequently. It also attracts the Birds of Prey. Not seldom, I have a Cooper’s Hawk or a Swainson’s Hawk sitting in my trees or on my fence. Since the community got bigger, due to more houses built in the surrounding neighborhood, wildlife finds its home in our backyard.


A Red-tailed Hawk soars the sky above our house.


A Turkey Vulture teamed up with the Red-tailed Hawk to find food.