Ozzy Speaks In Bird Language

When I refill the bird feeders, our felines love to watch and see, if there are any feathered friends visiting our yard outside. Once the birds show up, it is “Cat Food Network”. I love it, when our cats speak the bird’s and critters language. It is so adorable. Today, Ozzy sat by the patio door and chattered with the House Sparrows and the Blue Jays.

Our Greenhouse In Early November 2019

Due to the rain and a cool front coming in, the temperatures went from 77Β°F (25Β°C), down to 41Β°F (5Β°C) within 24 hours. Yeah, it got cool. And the wind was very chilly this afternoon, too. Instead of doing an Autumn photo walk, I’d rather stayed at home and checked on my plants in the greenhouse. Since they are protected from wind and weather, they are doing very well. We are getting some colors during the gloomier days of Autumn and Winter. That changes the mood. πŸ™‚

Our Greenhouse Garden In October 2019

Yesterday, I spent a few hours refilling some of the greenhouse beds and planting flowers for the Winter season. When it gets cold, and the landscape is grayish/brown, we still enjoy the colors in our garden. October is usually the time to get it all ready to do the greenhouse planting. Throughout the Winter months it definitely will pay off by having nice greens and some blooms. Then in early Spring, we will get rewarded with tons of colorful flowers. I did photograph some of the plants in the greenhouse. But there will be more photos of more plants, once the blooms went through the “transplant shock’ and show themselves in their prettiest colors.

Kevin’s New DIY Wood Rack


Several years ago, Kevin built a wood rack from material leftovers in the backyard. Our neighbor had too much wood and shared it with us. and he had to built it in a hurry. A couple of years later, Kevin had to build a Β½ cord wood rack in one evening. Because our wood guy called and said he’d be in the area the following morning, Kevin had to hammer and screw something together real quick. That Β½ cord rack surprisingly lasted five years. But now, it needs to be replaced. Kevin build a new ΒΌ cord rack, which is much more stable and right next to the porch. And when it gets a little bit cooler, he will work on a new Β½ cord wood rack by the fence. He did really good. I’m proud of him. And what I like about the new rack, it has a roof.


No Signs of Autumn In North Texas

This September is just awful, when it comes to the weather in North Texas. Down in Houston, people almost drowned with the tropical depression “Imelda” (yeah, she sounds like a b*tch), last week. And up here, 400 miles north, in DFW we break the record for the hottest and driest September. Our yard hasn’t seen a drop of rain in weeks. The soil is cracking in the yard, despite trying to keep up with the irrigation system. One of the biggest crack is about a foot and a half deep and four inches wide. Kevin needs to get some soil mixed with sand and fill at least that one in. We don’t want have any broken ankles, or broken paws. Since it is so warm, the tree foliage is not turning into Autumn colors anytime soon either. We just hope, it will cool down pretty soon. I’d love to plant some Winter vegetables, which will not germinate in this heat. Some cabbages, carrots, salads, spinach and other goodies would be great to sow and later plant into the garden. Maybe I have to start indoors, where there is air conditioning.