Kobolds & Mushrooms

The fairies like our garden so much, they sent out the kobold to grow some mushrooms for the garden. Sara was happy, that Mrs. Rabbit pointed the mushrooms out to her. I told Sara, that the kobold must have been very busy taking good care of the mushrooms. Now, she’s waiting for the kobold to grow more mushrooms around the fairy house. 😉 But for the mushrooms to grow, we need a little bit more rain.


The kobold added some mushrooms in our garden.

Calendula & Morning Glory

Yep, we’ve got Calendula and Morning Glory blooming in the garden. I planted quite a few Calendula from seed early on this year. They suppose to keep the tomato worm at bay. The same I did with the Morning Glory. I wrap the vines around the top of the chicken wire. This is my first year, I have Morning Glory. And in the photo is my fourth blossom. I call this a success.