Hummingbirds In My Garden

It is that time of year, when the hummingbirds migrate from Canada to Central America, where they will stay to spend the Winter. When I water my garden, I hear them chirping all the time.

Over the last several years, I have seen hummingbirds visiting my garden to energize and get ready for the long flight along the Gulf of Mexico. I usually put a couple of feeders up, and I have flowering shrubs, they like to feed on. Last year, I created a little hummingbird garden next to my greenhouse, which included a firebush, bougainvillea, lantana, and some salvia (garden sages). I also added a water fountain for quenching the hummers’ thirsts and taking a bath to cool off in this North Texas heat. My reward was that the couple visited with their offspring. Three young hummingbirds and their parents chased one another, having a drink of nectar from the trumpet vine blossoms, and then chase each other again.

I would love to find a hummingbird nest one day. Maybe someday Momma Hummingbird decides to build her nest in my yard. That would be so awesome!!!

A Visit From The Hummingbird

Kevin mowed the yard, this morning. In the meantime, a few Great-tailed Grackles and a Blue Jay sat under the tree. They watched Kevin and the lawn mower very carefully. Every time he came close to them, they hopped away. When he turned around to mow a different section, they hopped back to their spot under the shading tree. Kevin was amused by watching these birds. He said, they hopped synchronized back and forth on the lawn. The main reason for this hopping around was the food in the bird feeder. Once Kevin was done with mowing the lawn, the birds were all over the bird food. Some House Sparrows and some Northern Cardinals came over for brunch, too.

This commotion caught the interest of the little hummingbird, which resides in the neighbor’s tree. It observed the other birds eating some seeds, looked a little bit further and saw these beautiful hyacinth bean blossoms. Zooom! It’s brunch time for the hummingbird!

“Naughty” Little Hummingbird

When the rain clouds were in the distance, I saw a couple of hummingbirds flying back and forth into our trees and back into the neighbor’s trumpet vine. I got my camera to capture some photos of the birds by the trumpets in the back alley. And here sits this little hummer, and sticks its tongue out at me. What a naughty little hummingbird!!! 😉


“Baaah! Yeah, take this for photographing me!” 😉

I know, hummingbirds stick their tongues out for a different reason. And I was actually surprised and happy to see, I captured a photo with its tongue out. There is always a first time.

Hummingbird In The Back Alley

This evening, I went back to the trumpet vines in the back alley. I looked up, in the tree. And see there, the hummingbird set on a branch to rest for a moment. Every year, the little hummers come back to nest in the same tree. So it was easy for me, where to look for them. It’s time to refill my hummingbird feeders. ❤


Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Hummingbird/Butterfly Sanctuary (Phase 1/Part I)

Hauling a dozen 28lbs. cinder blocks, eight 40lbs. bags of topsoil and two bags of mulch from the nursery into my van and from the van into the backyard was quite a workout this morning. At the nursery, of course, I’ve got some help. But at home, it was all on me. I’m sore, but it is a good sore. I’ve got some work done, today. *tapping myself on the shoulder*

Last Thursday, I’ve got the first dozen of cinder blocks already. That gave me time to lay them out and see how they look. Over the weekend, we had some storms coming in. And after that, we had a cool Sunday.

At this morning I hauled the second dozen of cinder blocks home and set up the full bed for “Phase 1”. Getting done with the outlining of the raised bed, I went for some soil back to the nursery. Filled with soil and mulch, the bed is done. I also planted Tickweed, Delphium, Lantana, Purple Autumn Sage and Black-eyed Susan.

The holes in the cinder blocks still need to be filled in with soil. And I have to plant some milkweed and other goodies for the butterflies and hummingbirds. That will come in “Phase 1/Part II”.