Since we had a holiday on Wednesday, the week went by quick. But it was very busy. I’m glad the weekend has arrived. And now, we all can chill. On the other hand, Chewbacca looked at me like: “What??? It’s already Friday, again? Daddy will work in the kitchen. And he will make too many noises sanding the cabinets. Oh boy, there goes my weekend!” 😀

“What are you saying? It’s already Friday, again?”

🎈We Did It! The Floors Are Done!🎈

Hey followers, I’m back! And I have exciting news. I know, the headline gives it away. But we’ve got done a day earlier than expected. Isn’t that awesome? HURRAY! 🎉🎈

On Monday, the workers came in to smooth and prep the floor. It was an all day process. And the prepping texture had to set and dry overnight. The next morning, a couple more workers came in and helped to get all the tiling done. That was great. That way all the tiles could set overnight. The following day (Wednesday), the regular crew of three workers came in. They did the grouting in the morning, and all the touch-ups in the afternoon. I have to say, I’m very impressed with them. They worked clean and left no trash behind. And when I asked them to do something extra, they worked with me in a heartbeat. I definitely would love to do business with them, again. We need to safe some $ first,  before we can get the bedroom floors done.

This morning, I’ve also noticed I can breath much better in the house. Those stinky old carpets and the dust beneath them are GONE!  HURRAY! 🎉🎈Haha! I’m just in a great mood to celebrate this accomplishment. This construction was my biggest headache. Because it was such a big surface, that needed to be taken care off in the house. Now, that it is all done, I’m very happy. Monday, I’ll start to prep and resurface the walls in the frontroom. Then I can paint them. Once that is done, all the furniture can go back to their places, where they belong. And we’ll have a room, we can call our living room, again.


Busy Construction Week

As I mentioned yesterday, we are getting our floors done in the house. Yay! Since I have my internet hotspot on my phone, not so Yay! The construction worker said, it shouldn’t take longer than Thursday to get tiled floors. After that, I have to re-surface and paint the walls in the front room. I hope, by then I can set up the modem, again. I rather like to work on a desk anyway. My laptop sits on an mandarin orange box, right now. LOL And my back’s hurting from hunching over.

Here is a photo to give you an idea, how the tiles will look like, once they are installed. It will have this natural look of hardwood floors. But they are tiles. And they will be so much easier to clean, since I have two kids, two dogs, two cats, and a husband in the house.

The construction worker showed me, how the tiles will look like when they are installed. And I love the color in real daylight.

I’ll see y’all towards the end of the week and will report about the new floor in our house.


Ripping Up The Old Floors

Kevin and the girls were working on the floors, today. Sara had to hold the heating gun towards the laminate tiles, while Kevin tried to get with a scraper under them. When Sara got bored, Katelynn took over for a while. Since these laminate tiles were glued to the concrete, Kevin went almost nowhere with the scraper. It was time to get the “big gun” out and show that darn floor, who is the boss. It got a loud a little bit, because Kevin used the compressor. Ha, all of a sudden the laminate came off in no time. And Kevin got further ahead than he was actually planning to be by this evening.

Tomorrow, we plan on getting the laminate in the utility area and under the dishwasher. Maybe we also can remove the carpet in the hallway towards the bedrooms. Kevin is tired and sore, right now. We’ll see, what’s in store for tomorrow.