Starfall At Lewisville Lake

This evening, our local photography group had a meeting  for sunset captures at Stewart Creek Park. It was nice meeting up with some photo friends and have a chit chat about special photo places, again. I always enjoy these field meetings.

The Colony Shoreline Trail In August

The weather is warm and beautiful outside. It was a perfect day to clean out the garage, and then taking a nice hike at the Shoreline Trail. Stan’s Lakeview Draft House had a live band. While I photographed some vegetation along the trail, I could listen to some Rock music. I couldn’t have asked for more. Here are some photos from my evening hike at the lake:

The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve In May

Yesterday morning, I took a little photo hike through the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, again. More and more flowers begin to blossom all over the park. The Indian Blanket is truly like a blanket covering the prairie. And in between are some dabs of purple, white, blue, and pink.

The bees are busy collecting nectar. And the butterflies laying eggs to keep up with their population. A cardinal sings his beautiful song of Spring to his mate, while a squirrel is looking for some stashed away acorns from last Autumn.

In May is the best time to watch all of Nature’s beauty. Because once we will hit Summer, the sun will “torch” most of it away to make room for other beautiful flora and fauna.

Busy Weeks Before Summer Break

In a little over two weeks the school year is over, and Summer Break will be here. This week and the following, we have lots of events coming up. Tonight is Katelynn’s school band concert; Sara’s dance rehearsal & recital is this week, plus she has a dance performance in a different elementary school. The Sport Award Ceremony is on Thursday.  Yep, busy … busy … busy … But I had time to hike at the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve to capture some photos of our beautiful Texas Nature. Pictures will follow, tomorrow. In advance, here is a nice shot of a dragonfly:


Wandering Glider Dragonfly

Hiking Along The Creek

The weather was perfect for a little hike along the creek, before sunset this evening. Now, since the grass is freshly mowed, it is easier to walk. I can see, where I’m stepping around. And I can see the snakes better, again. The guys, who mowed this area left a little nature strip at the shoreline of the creek. At this time of the year, the wildflowers are beautiful. And I saw an egret fly over-head to return back to the lake. I also heard some frogs croaking, but no luck seeing them. It was a little bit to dark to hunt for these amphibians.

Wildflowers In The Meadow

At this morning, I opened the gate of my backyard and walked through the alley. In our alley, I find a lot of treasures like flowering trees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other beautiful little gems of nature. I guess, it is still a little bit early for the hummingbirds to be around, again. So, I kept walking through and ended up at the field by the creek. An Eastern Cottontail hopped right in front of me, as it wanted to show me the way. In Spring and Summer, there are always some wild blooms growing all over the meadow.