Relaxing Sunday

After a busy week: Sara got her new Jiu Jitsu belt; ducklings and a mouse; and Sara having a dance performance in the Senior Citizen Center; we are taking it easy this Sunday. The girls play with their peers outside. And Kevin is still sore from yesterday’s Half-Marathon, he ran in Frisco. The pets snuggle with us on the dining room furniture, while we watch TV. This upcoming week is more relaxed, before we all get busy in the following week again.

Colorado Blue Columbine

Frosty Half-Marathon

This morning, Kevin was running in the The Colony Half Marathon. The runners began at 8:00 am and at 34ºF. When Kevin was done, the thermometer just reached 50ºF. Short before the 12-Mile mark, Katelynn, Sara and I sat by the pond and waited for Kevin coming around the corner. I timed it perfectly. After about 10 minutes, here he comes running. And he dropped everything, he didn’t needed for the rest of the run. Katelynn ran over and picked it all up. Kevin looked much better this year, than he did at his very first Half-Marathon last year. He was more alert but also a little bit heavier, this year. And he improved his running time from 2:49:24 (h:m:s) to 2:37:12 (h:m:s). Yep, that’s an improvement of 12.12 min. Way to go, Kevin!


Half Marathon And 5K Run

This blog is originally from October 22, 2016

Today is a very special day for my family. Sara ran her first 5K Run (5 Kilometers – approx. 3 Miles). And Kevin ran his first Half Marathon (13.1 Miles – approx. 21 Kilometers) at this morning. Kevin got ready to run on the Shoreline Trail by the lake, while I was driving Katelynn and Sara to their Halloween Run at the Nebraska Furniture Mart. At first, Sara didn’t seem so happy about running 5 km. But shortly after the starting line, she made friends along the way. It’s always good to have other kids around, who will encourage one another. Katelynn did well herself. She ran most of the stretch by herself and came in about three minutes before her younger sibling.

Once we were done quenching our thirst and having breakfast burritos, we drove over to the Shoreline Trail. It was about 10:20 am, when I said: “I don’t think Daddy made it through this stretch back, yet. He has about another mile to run, after he passes us. Sure enough, Kevin came around the corner and waving at us ten minutes later. The girls and I were cheering him on. And when he was around the next corner, we left to go home. Kevin told me this afternoon: “It felt so good, when I saw the car and then you coming out and cheering. At that moment I knew, I didn’t have very far to run to the finish line.” It also gave him a big mental boost.

Now, all three are happy what they have accomplished. And this Momma has to make room for three more medals. 😉


UPDATE on April 15, 2017

Today, Kevin ran his second Half-Marathon in Frisco. He seems by far not as hurt as he did the first time in October. This time, he knew what to expect. 🙂