Tinker’s Harvest Lantern For The Garden

Last year, I made another Tinkerbell lantern. But I’ve never posted it, due to a lot of events. After the treatments, I completely forgot blogging about it. It sat on our dining table for over a year. And now, I finally have come around to capture some photos and post them. Better now, than never. πŸ˜‰

This lantern I made with tissue paper, which I’ve glued on the outside of the jar. I’ve printed Tinkerbell, cut out the silhouette and glued it to the inside of the lantern. As a harvest decor, I’ve got one of these plastic berries from the Dollar Store and wrapped the wire around the top of the glass jar. For the girls, I use flameless, battery-operated flicker candles. Mainly Sara loves to sit the lanterns on top of her shelf next to the bed, and turn on the candles, before she goes to sleep. After the season, this will be a new addition, used as a night light. She already cleared a spot for it in her room.

A Candle Jar For Every Celebration (4): Lunar New Year ~ Year of The Pig πŸ·

Last year, I made a few candle jars. And one was for the Lunar New Year. This year, I cleaned one of my sauerkraut jars to make a another beautiful lantern for this Chinese New Year. On this day begins the Year of the Pig. In China and many other Asian countries the new year is celebrated at the New Moon between January 21 and February 20. Many stores will be closed. And they won’t be open for the following 15 days, until the next Full Moon.


Year of The Pig ~ 2019

Happy Lunar New Year!

Halloween Season (Part IV) ~ (2013 – 2014)


It’s another “Halloween Season Monday”! This time, I talk about the years 2013 & 2014. Both years, we also went to the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” in The Colony.



In 2013, we decided we wanted to register for the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” in our city. It’s an annual event on the lake peninsula in Stewart Creek Park. We brought our camping gear, Halloween decoration and lots of candy. The event has costume competitions, Halloween decoration competitions, scream competition, Trick-or Treat, Movie Night, etc. The girls loved the camping in the park. For the Halloween season, I carved five pumpkins. Three we used for the above event. And then I carved another two for the girls on Halloween.



As the previous year, we went to the “Family Fright Night Camp Out” again. In 2014, it was much warmer than the prior year. We brought our fire pit to have a little campfire going, this time. The girls had fun. And I won the pumpkin carving contest. Hey, $50 in form of a gift card is not bad. I actually repeated that again, on Halloween. Kevin brought the pumpkin I carved for Halloween to the Italian restaurant down the road. They had it as a display for the night. And a few days later, they called me back saying, I won a $50 gift card. This was a good and creative season. πŸ˜€


… to be continued next Monday, October 29, 2018 …

Cute Halloween Pinterest Ideas


Over the years, I found some very cute and easy-DIY ideas on Pinterest. I’ve got the materials and took the time to do it myself. It is cheaper and fun to create. Not to forget to mention, not everyone has the same old Halloween decor in the yard, in a window, or on a shelf.

  • Katelynn always wanted a Pet Ghost in a jar. So I made her one with a big cotton swab, phosphor colored spray, mini pom-pom, a glass jar, black paint, a print out I found on a website, and a flameless candle.
  • The cat and the witch, I printed out on a regular 8″x11″ paper, went to my former company, and let it print out on a bigger scale. I glued them on black craft paper. This way, the light didn’t shine through. The rats I did the same way, without printing them on a bigger scale.
  • The Mummy lantern is simply made from some medical gauze and googly eyes; the Jack-o-Lantern jar is painted, and decorated with a printout silhouette.