North Texas Backyard Wildlife In January IV

This afternoon I filled the terracotta plate with seeds, peanuts, and blackberries. It didn’t take long until the Mr. Squirrel’s friends showed up for a late lunch. This time, Mr. & Mrs Finch and a Downy Woodpecker came over for a visit.

North Texas Backyard Wildlife In January III

Since Sunday, temperatures were in the 10s and 20s and didn’t reach the freezing point for over 72 hours. My critters and little feathered friends were coming frequently to the feeders. The birds looked like little puff balls, and they didn’t mind sharing their seeds with the squirrels. Today, we finally reached more pleasant 45ยบF.

Chewbacca & Sandy

Sandy came down to the critter feeder, after I refilled it with tried corn, peanuts, sunflower seeds and other goodies. She kept munching away her little seeds, when Chewbacca got her attention. He sat on the porch and watched her for a little bit. Sandy looked at Chewie and froze for a moment: “Oh no! This crazy feline sits there and watches me from the porch, again.” Chewbacca went over to the tree and sharpened his claws on the bark. Sandy jumped further up in the crown of the tree and chattered at him. She was not happy at all and gave Chewie the third degree. Chewie decided to leave Sandy alone, when Joshua jumped over the fence back into the yard. It was more fun to roll around with his buddy in the grass, than getting into it with a feisty squirrel anyway. Yes, Mommy (me) said though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Texas Arbor Day

Texas Arbor Day is a reminder, that it time to get the trees planted at this time of the year. With the cooler conditions, a tree can establish better. In the years to come, we can enjoy their shade in Spring throughout most parts of Autumn. Since 2013, we celebrate Texas Arbor Day on the first Friday of November. Did you hug a tree, yet? No? That’s alright. Sandy did it for y’all.


“I love you, Tree! *Muah-muah-muah* ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’—๐ŸŒณ

Happy Texas Arbor Day!

Sneaky, Little Critter

While I uploaded pictures on my laptop, I noticed some movement from the corner of my eye, outside the window. Mr. Squirrel came over for breakfast. Since the blue jays ate all the peanuts, I put for them in a coat hanger/slinky feeder, the squirrel ran up the other branch and tried to climb down on the bird feeder from above. What a sneaky, little guy! I donโ€™t know, if he got a snack. When Mr. Squirrel saw my dog, which was behind the patio door, he โ€˜frozeโ€™ for a moment, before he jumped into the other tree to watch everything from a safe distance.

Now, Joshua, one of my Mainecoon cats, sits on the roof of the dog house and pretends to be on guard duty. In reality he looks for a fresh bird snack.ย ๐Ÿ˜€

Sandy & The Bird Feeder

Earlier today, I saw Sandy having some critter food from the plate I sat out for her and her squirrel friends. A few minutes later, Sara looked outside the patio door window, and yelled: “OMG, MOM! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! IT LOOKS HILARIOUS!” I had to see it for myself. While Sandy tried to get a piece of corn, she tangled from the bird feeder. Not sure, if she was stuck, I walked outside and approached her slowly. Mrs. Rabbit saw me, and ran toward her rabbit escape hole in the fence. Sandy got startled, made a big leap from the feeder to the ground and climbed on top of the fence. There she felt saver and ate her trophy: a piece of corn, before she balanced along the fence top to jump into the neighbor’s tree.

North Texas Backyard Wildlife In February III

After the thunderstorm last night, the sky looked gray at this morning. But I had a lot of hungry visitors in my yard. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal were announcing: “It’s Breakfast Time!” And the wildlife began to gather.

“Sandy Cheeks”, the squirrel brought a friend over. I noticed her little friend is walking a little bit funny. When I looked closer, I saw that the squirrel has a big portion of its tail missing. I don’t know if it was born with it, or it lost its tail due to an accident. But they both were happily munching some corn. Mr. Squirrel came over a little bit later. He checked out his places, were he stashed his corn. I’m sure, I have some corn growing in some places where I didn’t plant it, this Summer.

The squirrels moved along, and shortly after Mrs. Rabbit came over for a nibble. If you ask me, she looks pregnant. Soon, we will have cute little cottontails in the yard, again. โค

While Mrs. Rabbit was having some breakfast. The Blue Jays enjoyed their meal, too. Mr. Blue Jay made a lot of ruckus. I guess, he was asking for some delicious peanuts. That little guy loves his peanuts and acorns. It gives him something to do, cracking open those nut shells.

When I look out the patio door, I sure feel like a “Disney Princess”, with all these little critters and birds surrounding my feeders. And I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. It’s a little Piece of Happiness in my backyard.ย ๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿฆ