First Freeze And A Cozy Fire In The Fireplace



In late October, we have our first fire of this season.

The rain finally moved out of North Texas. But now, we get a cold front coming through, which brings the temperatures down to the freezing point. Tonight and tomorrow night suppose to be chilly, before the temperatures will slightly rise into the 60s, again. Before Kevin came home from work, I started a fire in the fireplace. Now it’s nice and cozy inside the house, while the cold wind is blowing outside. The Halloween scented candles are burning. Time to watch a spooky movie, tonight.


Backyard Fire, Smoke Monkeys & The Waxing Crescent Moon

Since it is Labor Day weekend, Katelynn and Sara wanted to do something special. Kevin wants to use this weekend to get a good rest, before he’s going back to work on Tuesday. So, we’ve decided to get the fire pit out and a good fire going in the backyard. After dinner, the girls got roasted marshmallows. They still played quite some time with their sticks in in the fire, while Kevin and I kept an eye on them. When Kevin played with the dogs, he saw the crescent Moon in the background of the house, and said: “Honey, the Moon can be seen from here. It’s just a sliver.”

Stay Warm In Texas This Week!

Spring takes a break to let the cold front come through early this week. We expect temperatures as low as 22ΒΊF (-6ΒΊC) for two nights. Thank goodness, everything is covered in the garden. And Kevin rolled the Meyer Lemon tree in the garage. I covered the tree as well. But for extra protection, we rather have it in a warmer place. For the next few days, I’ll have a fire in the fire place. When the front is over, the firewood will be gone as well. I just hope, we will be done with the hard freezes in North Texas. We don’t want to get more firewood before this Summer, when it is cheaper than in Winter.


A cozy fire to keep us warm, while the cold front comes through North Texas.

Luis’ Chillin’ And Watchin’ LivePD

It is a cool day. And Luis is bored, because we don’t allow him to chase Sandy across the yard and over the fence. Sandy gave Luis a big hiss earlier this week. So, we don’t want him to get involved in a “Dog vs. Squirrel” fight. Now, Luis relaxes on the ottoman by the fire place, and enjoys watching K-9 Shep tracking suspects, on LivePD. He can’t wait for K-9 Lor to come back in Spring.Β πŸš”πŸ•Β Β 

Cozy Sunday Afternoon

While I cooked, I’ve got a fire started in the fireplace. The temperatures didn’t go above 40Β°F (4Β°C). Sara wanted me to fill up, the slinky feeder with peanuts, because she likes to watch her little Blue Jays. And sure enough, it didn’t take long, when six Blue Jays showed up to get some nuts. Sandy and Mr. Cardinal picked a couple of peanuts as well. After dinner, we all stayed by the fire in the front room. Kevin and Sara played a board game. And Katelynn watched them, while I tended the fire.


Warming fire in our fireplace

January Winter Weather

The temperatures stay in the mid-30s (1Β°C) in North Texas, today. Since it is close to the freezing point and raining outside, the girls and I stay cozy by the fire. Since, I started the fire in the fireplace, Luis hasn’t moved a muscle on the ottoman. He really and enjoys the heat. What a lucky pup?! Lexi and the cats are snoozing on soft blankets. Katelynn and Sara have Winter Break until Monday. They still have to do their daily school work, which includes reading books and practice clarinet. Their brains need to stay in sharp, when they go back to school. But homework and riding out the cooler weather is so much more fun with hot chocolate for them, and cappuccino for me. πŸ˜‰

Tomtenisse ~ Scandinavian Christmas Gnome


Since the Scandinavian Christmas Gnome became popular in the US, I started like this cute, little Nisse (Danish), Tomte (Norwegian), Tomtenisse (Swedish), and Tontto (Finnish). It is a mythological folklore associated with the Winter Solstice and Christmas in Scandinavia. The gnomes cute little nose, his long beard, and the cap covering his eyes, are just too adorable. ❀ I might have found a new “character”, I can collect for Christmas. πŸ˜‰


My adorable tontenisse (Swedish for “Christmas Gnome”)