Fungus Among Us

When it is cool enough and it rained or we have some dew, the mushrooms begin here and there to pop up in our yard in the morning. It feels like being in a fairy land, at this time of the year. This little fungus grew in the shade behind our house in the backyard.

2018, Gardening

Fairies & Kobolds

I always remember the day, we’ve got our first fairy house and put it in the frontyard. Sara and her friends had a blast with all the tales, I was telling them about the garden fairy tales.

2018, Gardening

The Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden In June

Six weeks after I worked on Part II of the Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden, everything flourishes. All my sages were, are and will be in bloom. The bee balm looks like fireworks, and the gaura became a small bush. Our garden fairies are very impressed, what I made out of their home so far. Now it’s so warm, they even leave the door open. 🧚‍♀️