2019, In The Garden

Our Greenhouse/Garden In Mid-May 2019

The tomato plants grow like weeds in the greenhouse. We have about two dozen fruits growing on the plants. And every day, I find a few more ‘maters on the vines. Today, I also could harvest a couple of jalapeΓ±o. The pepper plants seem to pick up. The hot temperatures in the greenhouse help the peppers growing much better. And we have new “tenants”. The Greenhouse Fairies moved into the beautiful solar house, I purchased for them last week. Sara checks on Tinker & Friends, if they come home every night. When the lights are on, the Greenhouse Fairies are here. πŸ˜‰

2019, In The Garden

Our Fairies Are Back!

As long as Sara believes in Garden Fairies, I will tell her beautiful stories about Tinker Bell and her friends. Because I enjoy it so much when Sara’s eyes begin to sparkle, I hope it will stay this way for little bit longer. When the dragonfly light turns on, Sara knows it’s time for the fairies to come home. Now, I just have to get some batteries for the candles to light up the houses in the Fairy Village. And then our flower garden will be magic, again.

2018, In The Garden

Fairies & Kobolds

I always remember the day, we’ve got our first fairy house and put it in the frontyard. Sara and her friends had a blast with all the tales, I was telling them about the garden fairy tales.

2018, In The Garden

The Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden In June

Six weeks after I worked on Part II of the Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden, everything flourishes. All my sages were, are and will be in bloom. The bee balm looks like fireworks, and the gaura became a small bush. Our garden fairies are very impressed, what I made out of their home so far. Now it’s so warm, they even leave the door open.Β πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ

2018, In The Garden

Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden (Phase 1/Part I)


Last year in May, I started building a sanctuary for hummingbirds and butterflies. It got warmer, and I was rethinking my plan, if I really wanted to build it that bulky in my backyard. Earlier this year, a lady showed me some photos how her husband is building her a butterfly garden in her front yard. I really liked his idea. And that gave me my own idea, how I want to build my hummingbird/butterfly garden in the front yard. I also looked up, what kind of native flowers would be good for our garden.

The front yard gets sun all day. In Summer, we have long stretches of no rainfall. So, the best flowers are natives which can handle the Texas droughts very well. Salvia, Verbena, Mint, Hyssop and Milkweed attract hummingbirds and butterflies. And for the bees it is paradise.

The first part was to put a water fountain in the corner by the entrance. I had the water fountain sitting in my backyard for the last three years. It would make a nice accent in the hummingbird/butterfly garden. And when those little birds and insects are thirsty, they will have a place to quench their thirst. After I cleaned out the corner, I put down the cinder blocks from the back yard. In the front, I put those stones, which make nice circles. And I put a cinder block in the center to have a solid base the fountain, later. Once the stones were in place, I filled everything in with soil.

The following morning, I cleaned up the fountain and sat it on the center cinder block. Kevin installed the pump and got the extension cord plugged in. We filled the fountain with water and turned it on. Ta-ta! The fountain works like a charm. I planted some Blue Mealy Sage, Catnip, Bluebonnet and Pineapple Sage. Sara helped me sowing Morning Glory seeds, before I put the trellis up. But first I filled in the space between the house foundation and the cinder blocks with some mulch. I wanted to leave some space, in case the fountain begins to leak or the soil gets too wet. I don’t want mold on the house wall, due to no air flow. But there is a good layer of mulch to avoid weed growth in that narrow space behind the fountain.

On Sunday, I got mulch around the lowest cinder blocks to cover them up. I planted Scarlet Sage at that level. After I was done mulching, I sat the fairy houses around the fountain. Katelynn and Sara want the fairies to live in our front yard, again. “We definitely need to welcome our garden fairies back”, Sara insisted. Okay, said, done! πŸ˜‰

For the next couple of days will be thunder storms in the forecast. This is a good way to test, how everything will hold up. And what will need improvement. Once it tries up again, I have to pull more grass and weeds to plant more native flowers. It will be a big front yard project. The first step is done. And the rest will follow. πŸ™‚ I’m excited!


2017, In The Garden

The Fairy Garden

A year ago, fairies moved into our garden. They liked the flowers in the frontyard and decided to stay. When Sara came home from school, there was a little fairy house standing on a brick under the gourd vines. She noticed it immediately and asked me: “How did the fairy house get there?” “The fairies must have built it over night”, I answered. Sara was excited, she had fairies in her yard. And of course, she had to show the little house to all her friends.

Last week the fairies added a teapot house, so they would have more space to live in the garden. Sara was happy to see, the fairies still like to live in our yard. Her little friend was asking, why the fairies live only in our garden and not in her’s. Sara said: “Maybe, when you ask your Mom and Dad, if they can plant some flowers and herbs, the fairies will build a house in your garden too.” That was such a cute answer. Sara’s friend said: “Yeah, I have to ask my Mommy. She wants to plant some flowers in the backyard. Maybe the butterflies and then the fairies will visit.” In the meantime, they both enjoy looking at the little fairy houses and the garden lights, before it is bedtime.

Today, the fairies decided to stay in. There are some remnances of Hurricane Harvey coming in. It’s too wet for the fairies to help the butterflies, bees, dragonflies and hummingbirds. They all try to stay safe and dry from the rain.

2017, In The Garden

Kobolds & Mushrooms

The fairies like our garden so much, they sent out the kobold to grow some mushrooms for the garden. Sara was happy, that Mrs. Rabbit pointed the mushrooms out to her. I told Sara, that the kobold must have been very busy taking good care of the mushrooms. Now, she’s waiting for the kobold to grow more mushrooms around the fairy house. πŸ˜‰ But for the mushrooms to grow, we need a little bit more rain.

The kobold added some mushrooms in our garden.
2017, In The Garden

Mushroom Garden

I watched the Sun rising from my backyard, when I noticed a little mushroom by the tree stump this morning. Something took a bite out of it to taste it. When I walked into my greenhouse, I even found some glass mushrooms in there. “Tinkerbell” and the other fairies will really enjoy the yard with all these little fungus popping out of the ground.Β πŸ„

2017, In The Garden

Blooms For The Fairies

I raided the nursery today, again. I need to find a good spot for them in the fairy garden Sara and her little friend, who lives across the street, believe that the little garden fairies will love the columbines and the scarlet sage. Every evening at sundown, both girls remind each other: “Pssst, quiet! We don’t want to startle the garden fairies. Let’s turn on the lights, so they can find their way home. And they will come home to a “party”. Look at the pretty flowers!” It is so stinking cute, hearing them talking so sweet and innocent. ❀