US Election Day 2018

Usually, I don’t go into politics on this blog site. But I would like to remind and encourage everyone, who can vote in the United States and hasn’t voted yet, to go to the polls today. I don’t care, who you vote, but vote please! I did my first voting, today. And I’m very proud of it. It feels good to practice my right and responsibility as an American citizen.


Yep-yep-yep! I did my first voting as an American citizen, today.

Polls are open from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm!

November Is Here!


For about a week now, I’m watching the leaves changing into their new colorful dresses. It went like almost overnight. And it seems that they are more colorful than usual, this year. I wonder, if all this good rain from October has something to do with it. While I waited for Sara and Katelynn to come home from school, I walked up and down to capture some photos on our street. A Mockingbird greeted me, when I walked by the neighbor’s house. She sang the song of Autumn and soon much cooler days ahead.

November will be very busy for us, this year: Today is the Witches New Year (Samhain); tomorrow we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); on Sunday we change our clocks back one hour (Daylight Saving will be over); the NASCAR races are coming to town this weekend; Election Day is around the corner; than we have festivities for to honor our Veterans on the following weekend; Fall Break and Thanksgiving is later in the month; and then it’s time to getΒ  lights out of the attic, and buy a fresh tree for Christmas.