The Colony Shoreline Trail In September

Hiking the first mile from the North Colony Blvd. entrance at The Colony Shoreline Trail, I was very lucky with viewing some wildlife on that September morning back in 2013.

2018, In The Garden

Little “Peter Rabbit”

Yep! Every year when we grow vegetables, we have a little “Peter Rabbit” in our garden as well. I just looked through my photo files and got reminded that I still have these photos, I’ve captured five years ago. Little “Peter” hides out from the gardener (me). And when he thinks, he’s safe form the gardener and the cats, he explores the vegetable patch. 😀 😉

2018, In The Garden

Refreshing June Rain

The last several weeks, it was very warm in North Texas. We had temperatures mostly in the mid to upper 90s. The forecast for the upcoming days don’t look any different either. But we’ve got a break, today. This morning we had a thunderstorm with much needed rain. And that storm cooled down the temps quite a bit. While I’m writing this blog, it’s only 71ºF. By the afternoon, we supposed to reach only mid 80s. Oh yes, I enjoy every little bit of it. Earlier in the morning, I planted more peppers in my home raised bed. Digging in the wet soil felt so good, again. A cottontail rabbit watched every move I made in the garden; in hope, I might give it some cabbage leaves for it to nipple in the yard. I’ve also noticed, that my jalapeño plants have more blooms, and my tomato plants are producing more ‘maters. That makes me feel good. After the rain, I captured photos of rain droplets in the garden and yard. 🙂


Relaxing Monday Evening (1)

Kevin was bringing home Chinese Food for dinner. I had some chores to do around the house, didn’t feel like cooking and had the taste for Chinese cuisine, tonight. After we ate, the girls had to clean up the dishes, and sweep the floors.

In the meantime, Kevin and I could talk over a beer on the deck in the backyard. We watched Mrs. Rabbit nibbling on fresh green dandelion leaves; a hummingbird came over and looked for some delicious nectar; and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset, before we went back inside to see how far the girls came along with their chores. Katelynn and Sara were done and could go to have fun. Katelynn decided to draw another dinosaur, while Sara rode her bike to a friends house. Sometimes it is nice, when the house is quiet. 😉

The sun will set soon behind our Bradford Pear trees.

Rainy February Day (1)

Due to the warmer weather I could leave my greenhouse window open the last couple of days/nights. But this afternoon, the rain became more severe and a cold front moved in. The temperatures dropped from 70ºF (21ºC) down to 48ºC (9ºC) within a few hours. And it supposed to get even cooler tonight. In neighboring counties is Winter Weather Advisory until tomorrow evening. In the meantime, the wildlife tries to stay warm. And we don’t know, what happens to the trees, which just budded over the last few days. If Mother Nature is not bi-polar, then I don’t know what is is going on with this crazy ol’ lady.


Luis & Mrs. Rabbit

Since the day we adopted Luis, our dog and Mrs. Rabbit have a special bond. Luis loved to chase Mrs. Rabbit through our whole backyard. And they both were fast. As soon as Luis saw her in the yard, he leaped halfway across the deck. But Mrs. Rabbit was fast enough to escape through one of the holes in the fence. Back then I thought, he wanted to catch and hurt her.

One day in Autumn 2016, I noticed something interesting: Luis and Mrs. Rabbit were running across the yard again, when Luis lost interest all of a sudden. He had to go and do #2. While he sniffed out an area to do his business, Mrs. Rabbit stopped running. Okay, that still looks normal. But then she turned around and hopped back to Luis. She sat maybe a foot and a half away and waited patiently for him. In the meantime she nibbled on some grass, until Luis was done. They looked at each other for a moment, as she would ask him: “Are you ready?” “Yep! I’m ready to play!” And the chasing game began all over again.

Since that day Mrs. Rabbit comes close to the patio door and waits for Luis to come outside in the morning. Luis seems not to chase her as much, lately. And Mrs. Rabbit looks a little bit bigger. She might be pregnant. Luis is a good pup and gives Mrs. Rabbit a break for now. And I can’t wait to see baby bunnies hopping all over our backyard, again.

Mrs. Rabbit waits for Luis to come out and play with her, every morning.

“The Rabbit” Poem

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

The Rabbit

Brown bunny sites inside his burrow
Till everything is still,
Then out he slips along the furrow,
Or up the grassy hill.

He nibbles all about the bushes,
Or sits to wash his face,
But at a sound he stamps, and rushes
At a surprising pace.

You see some little streaks and flashes,
A last sharp twink of white,
And down his hidy-hole he dashes
And disappears from sight.

by Edith King