A Cozy December Afternoon

The last few days, the weather was nice. It was t-shirt weather. Today, we went up to 72°F (22°C). Chewbacca and the rest of the pack love this kind of weather. They all snooze in the sun. By the end of the week we will experience another cold front coming through Texas.

A Big Pile of Autumn Leaves

Yesterday, Kevin gave the girls a chore for today. He wanted to get the fallen leaves swept off the deck. Katelynn decided to make it a fun game to sweep and rake the leaves together into a big pile, so she could jump into it. And yep, even a 16-year-old can have fun in a big pile of Autumn leaves. After she was done and got many doggy kisses from Zoey, she tossed the leaves into our garden beds. Tomorrow, her and Sara have to do this chore all over again. In the meantime, it rained a lot more leaves from our Bradford trees this evening.

🍂 Happy Fall Break 2019! 🍂

Having Fun In The Autumn Sun

This afternoon, I literally had to drag our girls and some of the pets outside. The weather was just too beautiful to waste the time indoors. Not on this Mommy’s watch. The phones and iPads had to be put aside, and the sleepy pets had to get off the living room furniture. Time for playing outdoors and get some fresh air. First I’ve got the silly looks from Katelynn, Sara, Chewbacca, Luis and Zoey. But once, they all were involved in some kind of activity, they loved it. Luis chased Chewbacca, Chewbacca chased Luis through the yard. Sara threw the leaves up and made them rain onto the deck, while Katelynn and Zoey had a blast with the doggy toys. I reminded Sara to put more pet toys on the Santa list. She replied: “Mom, Santa already about the pet toys and doggy clothes.When we go to the doggy park, Luis and Zoey also need some clothes in Winter. They have short fur and need to stay warm.” Sara is very thoughtful and caring, towards our furbabies.

Beautiful November Day

What a beautiful warm day it was, today. Temperatures reached up in the high 60s to low 70s, this afternoon. Our fur babies enjoyed a snooze in the backyard, while I had the patio open to let some fresh air into the house. In the early evening, the First Quarter Moon was shining bright in the November sky. It was time to call the pets in for dinner. Fed and groomed, they all sleep on the couch, armchair and ottoman. They are so spoiled. But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

When Kevin came home, I had a good soup cooking on the stove. The mornings are cool, now. Since my family likes a hot soup, stew or chili at this time of the year, I always cook enough food for next day’s lunch. The thermos keeps the meals hot overnight. So, Kevin and the girls don’t have to worry about heating them up at work and in school anymore. A good plan is work half done.

National Black Dog Day 2019


Zoey wants to make an announcement on “National Black Dog Day”

Hey y’all! I’m Zoey, a black Pitador, adopted from The Colony Animal Shelter, nine weeks ago. Today is also NATIONAL BLACK DOG DAY. And therefore I want to say something. We black doggies are full of unconditional love, playful, and have beautiful shiny fur. On top of that, we make great companions, just like all the other puppies. I don’t know, why we get so easily overlooked, when it comes to adopting a dog. All I know, I’m very thankful, that the Chesters had a big heart and let me be a part of their pack from here on forward. I appreciate it very much by being a good dog, give them sweet puppy kisses, make a good playmate for the kids and my furry brothers and sisters, which are another dog and three cats. Please! Next time, when y’all go to the shelter consider to adopt one of us doggies with black fur as well. Here is sweet YEEHAA! from a Texas four-legged beauty. Thank you for taking your time, reading these words. It’s time for me to go back and play with my stick and my tennisball And to all my black puppy friends:

Happy Black Dog Day!

Backyard Fire, Smoke Monkeys & The Waxing Crescent Moon

Since it is Labor Day weekend, Katelynn and Sara wanted to do something special. Kevin wants to use this weekend to get a good rest, before he’s going back to work on Tuesday. So, we’ve decided to get the fire pit out and a good fire going in the backyard. After dinner, the girls got roasted marshmallows. They still played quite some time with their sticks in in the fire, while Kevin and I kept an eye on them. When Kevin played with the dogs, he saw the crescent Moon in the background of the house, and said: “Honey, the Moon can be seen from here. It’s just a sliver.”