Begin of Daylight Saving Time 2019

Luis wants to remind y’all, that tonight begins Daylight Saving Time in the US. He’s excited, because we all can enjoy longer day light in the evenings.

“Oh boy, oh boy! Am I excited about tomorrow. Mommy and Daddy are talking about Daylight Saving. I have no clue, what that means. But Mom told Daddy not to forget to change his clocks one hour forward tonight!”


Don’t forget to set your clocks AHEAD one hour, tonight! ~ Image Resource: Google Image Search

November Is Here!


For about a week now, I’m watching the leaves changing into their new colorful dresses. It went like almost overnight. And it seems that they are more colorful than usual, this year. I wonder, if all this good rain from October has something to do with it. While I waited for Sara and Katelynn to come home from school, I walked up and down to capture some photos on our street. A Mockingbird greeted me, when I walked by the neighbor’s house. She sang the song of Autumn and soon much cooler days ahead.

November will be very busy for us, this year: Today is the Witches New Year (Samhain); tomorrow we celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead); on Sunday we change our clocks back one hour (Daylight Saving will be over); the NASCAR races are coming to town this weekend; Election Day is around the corner; than we have festivities for to honor our Veterans on the following weekend; Fall Break and Thanksgiving is later in the month; and then it’s time to get  lights out of the attic, and buy a fresh tree for Christmas.