The State Fair of Texas 2019

After three years, we’ve visited the State Fair of Texas again. The weather was beautiful: sunny and perfect temperatures. Unfortunately, when it is as nice as it was yesterday, lots of people visit the fair. It was very crowded. So, we couldn’t go to all the places we’ve wanted to see. But we went late afternoon, and stayed until it was dark. The State Fair will be open until this Sunday, October 20th. Here are some images I’ve captured at last night’s visit at the Fair Park in Dallas.

State Fair of Texas at the Fair Park in Dallas, Texas

No Signs of Autumn In North Texas

This September is just awful, when it comes to the weather in North Texas. Down in Houston, people almost drowned with the tropical depression “Imelda” (yeah, she sounds like a b*tch), last week. And up here, 400 miles north, in DFW we break the record for the hottest and driest September. Our yard hasn’t seen a drop of rain in weeks. The soil is cracking in the yard, despite trying to keep up with the irrigation system. One of the biggest crack is about a foot and a half deep and four inches wide. Kevin needs to get some soil mixed with sand and fill at least that one in. We don’t want have any broken ankles, or broken paws. Since it is so warm, the tree foliage is not turning into Autumn colors anytime soon either. We just hope, it will cool down pretty soon. I’d love to plant some Winter vegetables, which will not germinate in this heat. Some cabbages, carrots, salads, spinach and other goodies would be great to sow and later plant into the garden. Maybe I have to start indoors, where there is air conditioning.

Phil Collins – Still Not Dead Yet Tour 2019 @ American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas (09.23.2019)

Yesterday, Kevin and I saw Phil Collins’ show, STILL NOT DEAD YET. It was an amazing concert with hits from mainly the 1980s. Despite the fact, that Phil is physically not in the best shape anymore, and therefore has to sit on a chair throughout the show, he amazed with his vocals. Nic Collins, Phil’s 18-year-old son, plays the drums instead. This young man can fit easily in his dad’s footsteps, having Phil as a mentor. Hopefully we can see more of Phil, and definitely will see more music from Nic in the future.

Here is the link for a better photo resolution:

Texas State Insect: The Monarch Butterfly (2)

Monarch Butterflies before their migration to Mexico