In The Community Garden ~ April 2018

Roseanne and I planted more vegetables and herbs in the Community Garden, this morning. She wanted to get some tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflowers in her bed. In the meantime, I planted more herbs around my second bed. My tomato plants are doing very well. I’ve been doing something right. 🙂 The kale, the onions, and the savoy cabbage are coming along as well. They will be the next item to be harvested and going to the pantry.

While everything seems to do very well, my broccoli and the last year’s kale went into bloom. I just wait until they’ll go to seed. Then I can harvest those seeds for the next cool crop season. As long as the broccoli and the kale blooms, the Cabbage White butterfly enjoys the nectar of the bright yellow flowers. It just needs to stop laying eggs on the cabbages.

Planting The Cool Season Vegetables in The Colony Community Garden

At this morning, the soil was workable enough to plant the cool season vegetables and some more flowers for attracting pollinators in the Community Garden. Since the two ladies, I’m working with at this beautiful new spot on the First United Methodist Church property, couldn’t work on their own plot, I used the opportunity to start mine today. That way I could figure out, how I want to plant this bed. We have a lot more work to do next week. My greenhouse is full of plants, which need to get planted into the raised beds.

Right now, I have mustard greens (Ruby streak, Mizuna, Florida Broadleaf), cabbages (Red, White, Napa), cauliflower, Romaine lettuce, broccoli, kale, leek, yellow onions, snow peas, bok choy, Texas Bluebonnets, calendula, and hollyhocks in the Community raised bed. I also put some seeds for carrots and radishes down. Once the cool season vegetables are mature and can be harvested, the warm season crop will be planted in the garden. The beautiful thing about living in Texas is, we can garden year around. This means, we will have fresh food all year. Isn’t this exciting? 😀

Getting The Garden Ready For Spring

The last couple of days I spent most of my time in the greenhouse. I re-potted some salad plants, so their roots will have more room to grow. And they don’t have to compete with one another in the same pot. I still have a lot of re-potting to do. In January, I was sowing cabbages, salads, onions, etc. They all became strong seedlings. On Saturday, I was sowing more vegetables and flowers.

I’m very excited, that I have artichoke and leek seedlings, now. The Bluebonnet looks very promising as well. Last year, I didn’t have much luck with these plants. I’m very happy that I am successful this year.

Since it is very windy, I decided to take a break from gardening today. But we have a few warm days, before it will cool off for a day. And then we will be back warm, again. It is warm enough to leave the greenhouse window open at night. The plants need plenty of fresh air to grow. Let’s see, how my plants will do in the next few days. I’ll keep you updated on my garden adventures. 🙂


Artichoke Seedlings on February 5, 2017

Rabbit’s Food Paradise

It’s this time of the year, again. Yesterday, I started seeds for the late Winter/early Spring garden. And today, I planted some vegetables like cauliflower, white cabbage, red cabbage, and savoy cabbage. Unfortunately, these vegetables are also on the rabbit’s menu. I guess, I have to put Luis on rabbit duty. He’s a pit/boxer and loves to chase Mrs. Rabbit around the yard. 😉

I got some onions and early tomatoes as well. The onions will go in the raised bed, the tomatoes will stay in the green house a little bit longer.


The first raised bed is planted with cauliflower, red cabbage, white cabbage and savoy cabbage.