Restless Joshua

Since Finley crossed the rainbow bridge, Joshua started with his restlessness at night. In the beginning Josh’ seemed to be fine. But the meowing and scratching from 2-5 am becomes more frequent, again. We always leave some food and water for the cats out. I pick him up, pet him for a little bit and take him to bed with me. He’s quiet for 15 minutes, and then he starts all over with the “Meeooow!” *scratch, scratch, scratch*. It is nerve-wrecking, because school will start soon. The girls wake up from all that commotion. During the day, Joshua is tired and sleeps on our bed all day. He acts like, nothing happened and snoozes in the bedroom.


After a restless night, Joshua sleeps on our bed during the day.

I wonder if there is a critter or another cat in our yard, at that above mentioned time. But then again, Chewbacca would cause ruckus as well. Chewie usually sleeps all snug up with Luis on the dog bed. Maybe it’s Joshua’s way to mourn for his late friend. He probably misses Finley very much. I’m also aware of cats being noctural. But Joshua makes aweful lots of noises for the last five weeks.

“I licked it. It’s mine!”

Kevin built Sara’s bed, this afternoon. Sara is in heaven, because she has a new bed. It has a bookshelf attached, clothes drawers and a door to her “secret hideout” under the mattress. All we have to wait for is her new Disney bedset. And everything will be perfect. In the meantime, she has to sleep with her other sheets and pillows. The alarm clock sits on top of the shelf and got “catified”. And when Joshua came into the room, he checked out the new furniture. Soon after, he jumped on top of the bookshelf, licked it and laid down. He looked at us, as he wanted to say: “Whaaat? I licked it. It’s mine!”

R.I.P. Finley (2007 – 2017)


Finley in Spring 2013

R.I.P. to the greatest cat, which thought he was a dog.
Thank you for being in our lives for the last decade. You were a trooper all the way until the end. We know, the last weeks must have been hard on you. But there is no pain, anymore.
Now, may your soul cross the rainbow bridge. Ranger is waiting for you at the gate. Tomorrow, tell him “Happy 1st Anniversary”. Both of you earned your wings.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After grilling some sausages and making salad, we are taking it easy on this warm May afternoon. Joshua leads by example and takes a nap in the basket, I’ve got for 90 percent off in the “After Easter Sale”. 😉


Joshua snoozes in the new basket.

In My Backyard/Garden

After the rain yesterday, the Sun feels so good at this morning. I let the cats outside, while I looked at the plants in my garden. Finley was busy drinking water from the rain barrel, while Chewbacca was chasing a Cabbage White butterfly around the yard. “Good boy! I don’t want it near my cabbages!” I praised Chewbacca.

I noticed some cherry tomatoes, blooming snow peas, and peaches. The green onions will bloom soon, too. In a few days, I can harvest more mustard greens and romaine lettuce. ❤

My Pets (Part VIII)

Joshua loves this time of the year. He was sitting under the photinia bush and watched birds all morning. That was until Daddy came with the lawn mower, and Josh’ had to move out of the way. It must be nice being a cat, relaxing in a shaded area , watching birds and have a little breeze touching the fur every so often.

Now it’s time for a nap on Daddy’s desk chair, until the food on the grill is ready. Watching birds is making Joshua sleepy. 🌷🐱🌸