A Cozy December Afternoon

The last few days, the weather was nice. It was t-shirt weather. Today, we went up to 72Β°F (22Β°C). Chewbacca and the rest of the pack love this kind of weather. They all snooze in the sun. By the end of the week we will experience another cold front coming through Texas.

Tis The Season 2019


THE SEASON of all seasons has begun. Today, we’ve got the Christmas tree, some decorations, a 3-foot Santa, and some more German gingerbread cookies. We’ve tried to make a big D-tour around the Black Friday shoppers, and it seemed to work. Since it rained all day, the tree is wet and needs to try a little bit, before Kevin can hang up the lights and I can start with hanging the ornaments. Since Ozzy never had a Christmas before, he is quite interested in this tree. I will keep you updated, how it goes throughout the Season. I’m sure, I won’t put cardinal ornaments on our tree anymore. Chewbacca “killed” the last one. πŸ¦πŸŽ„πŸ˜Ή


Having Fun In The Autumn Sun

This afternoon, I literally had to drag our girls and some of the pets outside. The weather was just too beautiful to waste the time indoors. Not on this Mommy’s watch. The phones and iPads had to be put aside, and the sleepy pets had to get off the living room furniture. Time for playing outdoors and get some fresh air. First I’ve got the silly looks from Katelynn, Sara, Chewbacca, Luis and Zoey. But once, they all were involved in some kind of activity, they loved it. Luis chased Chewbacca, Chewbacca chased Luis through the yard. Sara threw the leaves up and made them rain onto the deck, while Katelynn and Zoey had a blast with the doggy toys. I reminded Sara to put more pet toys on the Santa list. She replied: “Mom, Santa already about the pet toys and doggy clothes.When we go to the doggy park, Luis and Zoey also need some clothes in Winter. They have short fur and need to stay warm.” Sara is very thoughtful and caring, towards our furbabies.

Ozzy Speaks In Bird Language

When I refill the bird feeders, our felines love to watch and see, if there are any feathered friends visiting our yard outside. Once the birds show up, it is “Cat Food Network”. I love it, when our cats speak the bird’s and critters language. It is so adorable. Today, Ozzy sat by the patio door and chattered with the House Sparrows and the Blue Jays.

Beautiful November Day

What a beautiful warm day it was, today. Temperatures reached up in the high 60s to low 70s, this afternoon. Our fur babies enjoyed a snooze in the backyard, while I had the patio open to let some fresh air into the house. In the early evening, the First Quarter Moon was shining bright in the November sky. It was time to call the pets in for dinner. Fed and groomed, they all sleep on the couch, armchair and ottoman. They are so spoiled. But we wouldn’t want it any other way.

When Kevin came home, I had a good soup cooking on the stove. The mornings are cool, now. Since my family likes a hot soup, stew or chili at this time of the year, I always cook enough food for next day’s lunch. The thermos keeps the meals hot overnight. So, Kevin and the girls don’t have to worry about heating them up at work and in school anymore. A good plan is work half done.

The Pumpkin Inspector



Joshua inspects the pumpkin for Halloween.

Because Halloween is only five days away, Joshua has to make sure, I’ve got the right pumpkins for carving. He jumped on the fire place and sniffed every one of them and gave his okay.Β  WOOHOO!