September Blooms (2)

Today, I’ve got more blooms for Sara’s garden. She asked me earlier, if we could get some more milkweed for her, so she might have a good chance to raise Monarch butterflies. Well, the Monarch migration to Mexico began last month. And soon we will see them flying through our neighborhood. Monarchs love to stop for a good energy boost, and the females lay eggs on the milkweed. Usually that gives us four to six weeks to raise the next generation of Monarchs, and send them on their way to Mexico, where they can overwinter and come back in Spring.

But we’ve also got some goodies for the bees and other pollinators. Sara will get someΒ  Purpletop Vervain, Blue Sage, Dill, Garlic, and Thai Basil planted in her garden. I hope, we will have some good blooming in the garden, the first frost hits usually by mid-November.

Tonight, we also have a beautiful clear sky with a bright Waxing Gibbous Moon. Since it is so nice outside, I had to capture a photo and post it. πŸ˜‰

Happy Flower Garden!

Flower Friday (14)

Smartweed/KnotweedΒ (Polygonum pensylvanicum)

Texas State Insect: The Monarch Butterfly (2)

Monarch Butterflies before their migration to Mexico

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly


Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, female (Papilio glaucus)

For the last couple of weeks, I have observed an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in our backyard. She visits our sunflowers and Autumn sages frequently. I still have fennel growing in one of the garden beds. Lets see, if she decided to lay some eggs or come to visit the flowers to tank some energy. πŸ¦‹πŸŒ»πŸŒ±

First Day of Spring/Ostara 2019


Happy First Day of Spring!


Painted Lady Butterfly In November

In Texas, we always have blooms all year around. On the warmer days of late Autumn, the butterflies appreciate the flowers and visit the gardens for nectar. This Painted Lady I’ve photographed a couple of years ago. It was a nice afternoon in November.