The Approaching Summer Storm

Hot and Humid are the two words for today. Therefore, the thunderstorm approaching from up north was a very welcomed sight in North Texas. The wind cooled the temperatures down, a little bit. And it was much more comfortable going outside, once the storm past through. It’s still very humid.

Blooming Bee Balm (2)

Last year, I planted Bee Balm for the Hummingbirds/Butterflies in the front yard. Back then, I had two plants. When they were done blooming, they died out. I removed what was left over. This Spring, I’ve noticed lots of little seedlings in the flowerbed. Later, we found out, that the Bee Balm reseeded for future blooming. Today, the first blossoms appeared for this season.

Blooming Bee Balm (1)

Five weeks ago, I planted a couple of bee balm plants in our Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden. And this morning, we’ve got rewarded with a beautiful blossom. On the other plant, I saw a few more buds, which should begin to bloom soon. This is so exciting. After trying to grow bee balm for a few years, we have success this year.