Sandy & The Bird Feeder

Earlier today, I saw Sandy having some critter food from the plate I sat out for her and her squirrel friends. A few minutes later, Sara looked outside the patio door window, and yelled: “OMG, MOM! YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! IT LOOKS HILARIOUS!” I had to see it for myself. While Sandy tried to get a piece of corn, she tangled from the bird feeder. Not sure, if she was stuck, I walked outside and approached her slowly. Mrs. Rabbit saw me, and ran toward her rabbit escape hole in the fence. Sandy got startled, made a big leap from the feeder to the ground and climbed on top of the fence. There she felt saver and ate her trophy: a piece of corn, before she balanced along the fence top to jump into the neighbor’s tree.

“Naughty” Little Hummingbird

When the rain clouds were in the distance, I saw a couple of hummingbirds flying back and forth into our trees and back into the neighbor’s trumpet vine. I got my camera to capture some photos of the birds by the trumpets in the back alley. And here sits this little hummer, and sticks its tongue out at me. What a naughty little hummingbird!!! 😉


“Baaah! Yeah, take this for photographing me!” 😉

I know, hummingbirds stick their tongues out for a different reason. And I was actually surprised and happy to see, I captured a photo with its tongue out. There is always a first time.

The Blue Jays

A couple of Blue Jays visited for a snack, to quench the thirst and take a nice cool bath, our yard. Every day, I refresh the water in the bird baths to eliminate the chance getting mosquito larva. It’s also important for the wildlife to keep the water fresh and clean. The chances spreading diseases is much lower that way. In the dog days of Summer, the Blue Jays enjoyed the cool bath. They looked refreshed and happy, when they left the yard and flew into the neighbor’s tree.

Mrs. Cardinal & Mrs. Blue Jay

It didn’t take long, after I refilled the bird feeders and bird baths, when Mrs. Cardinal flew to the feeder to have some lunch in my yard. This woke the interest in Mrs. Blue Jay to check out my backyard. She noticed, I have a couple of bird baths filled with fresh water. Soon, Mrs. Blue Jay swooped down to the bath and drank some water. It was a warm Texas Summer day. The food and water was a welcome sight for the birds.

Hummingbird In The Back Alley

This evening, I went back to the trumpet vines in the back alley. I looked up, in the tree. And see there, the hummingbird set on a branch to rest for a moment. Every year, the little hummers come back to nest in the same tree. So it was easy for me, where to look for them. It’s time to refill my hummingbird feeders. ❤


Female Ruby-throated Hummingbird

More Blooms For My Garden

This afternoon, I made a little trip to the local nursery. I needed more soil for sowing, anyway. Autumn is just around the corner, and these little seedlings need to be started for the garden. At the nursery, I also looked for some flowers to attract more pollinators. I’m getting some bees, bumble bees and butterflies. But it wouldn’t hurt to have more of them visiting my vegetable blossoms. I’ve picked up Celosia, Lantana, Mexican Heather Pentas, Purslane, Salvia, and Vinca. Once they grow a little bit bigger, they will have a lot of blooms. Here are picture of a few plants, I mentioned above:

Orb Weaver/Garden Spider/Zipper Spider🕷️

While I worked in my backyard, I encountered a little garden friend. The Orb Weaver Spider built its web between two flower pots. It didn’t take very long, until some food flew into its gorgeous zipped up web, after I spotted it. The little spider was fast with its legs, wrapping up its meal. After the Orb Weaver took care of its dinner, it checked its web for some repair. Now, the web is back in shape for another meal to come by. Keep up the good work and eat these pesky little bugs, Mrs. Spider. I can use some help to keep the pest at bay in the garden. ❤