Back To School 2019


Yay! The house will be back to normal again. Katelynn had Summer band practice, every Tuesday. And for the last two weeks, she was in Band Camp. So, for her the Summer Break flew by quickly. Since we’ve got two new pets, Sara was so busy, she didn’t realize how fast the break came to an end. It’s hard to believe, we have a Sophomore and a 4th-Grader this school year. I hope, they have a wonderful and safe year in school. To another great school year!

Happy First Day of School!


Back To Normality

After a Two-week-break, Katelynn and Sara are back in school. Katelynn started her second semester as a Freshman. When she came home, she said, her interests are mixed and well balanced. There are two subjects she really loves, and two she is not so font with them. She usually loves Mathematics. But she doesn’t like Algebra. I remember, first I wasn’t a fan of Algebra either. But once I figured it out, it wasn’t so hard anymore. But it took a bit to click in my head. Katelynn is going through the same struggles. She’s excited for Science. She can’t wait to talk about her collection of dinosaurs. Then there is another semester of Band in this school year. And English Language Arts is the other subject, she’s raising her eyebrows. She was never a fan of ELA. 😀 But Katelynn has a lot of fun in High School. And that’s also very important. Sara said, she had an amazing day in school, too.

Kevin celebrates his 44th Birthday, today. We were considering going out for his big day. But I could talk him into, me cooking a nice meal for him. Since the weather is in the 70s, I decided to cook some German Hamburger Patties, which are nicely seasoned. And as the side dish I made Potato-Cucumber Salad. Kevin agreed, my food tastes so much better. And it is much cheaper and healthier to eat at home. Our New Years Resolution is to reduce the days eating out and rather spend the time on cooking a decent meal at home. We are planning a trip to Seattle/Vancouver trip for this Summer. And in Spring 2020, we would like to go back to Walt Disney World. These trips cost a lot of money, and therefore I always need to find a way to save more $$$.

Back To School 2018


Wow! This Summer Break went by quick. But it was also two weeks shorter than normal. And Katelynn is back in Band Camp for the last two weeks. It’s hard to believe, I have a Freshman and the 3rd-Grader in the house, now. Where did time go? My girls grow up so quick. But I have to admit, it is nice to have the house to myself again.

Happy First Day of School!


First Day Back To School

WOOHOO, we made it! Yes, we made it through over twelve weeks of Summer Break. The last couple of weeks, Katelynn and Sara couldn’t wait to go back to school. The boredom and arguments got bigger by the days. Yeah, it was definitely time for school to start, again.

At this morning the kids were up by 5:45 a.m. By 6:15 a.m., they wanted to go to school. I had to tell them several times, that we have time for at least another hour. “But we can’t wait to see our friends and teachers, again!”, they said a little bit impatiently, because time didn’t go by fast enough. I’ll promise you, by Friday I have to wake them up. And I’ll get: “Can I stay in bed for another five minutes?”

But today, I enjoy that the nest is empty for the next several hours. It’s my Birthday, and my “Me”-time. When they both get home, they will flood me with stories; papers, which need to be filled out and signed; and what else the teachers said, the girls need bring to school by the end of the week. YES! Everything goes back to “normal”, again. ❤

“I Can See Sharp, Again!”


Sara got her first pair of glasses.

Last Tuesday we found out, Sara needs a pair of glasses. Today, we picked them up. When she tried them on for the first time, she said: “Wow! Mom, I can see sharp again!” Sara moved her head around to see all the beautiful things, which became blurry for her looking into the distance. And then she smiled from ear to ear. It is perfect timing. On Monday is the first day of “Back To School”, again.