Baby Ducklings At Josey Ranch Lake

After lunch, Katelynn, Sara and I took a walk at Josey Ranch Lake. Two Mallard Duck couples had ducklings. And we had the chance to observe one family a little bit closer. Mr. and Mrs. Duck decided, it was nap time for the offspring and let them rest after a swim on Josey Ranch Lake. Sara couldn’t get enough of their cuteness. See for yourself. 🦆

Cottontail Cuteness x3

When I let Luis outside, he went straight for a spot next to the patio table. He stuck his nose right into that hole. Hmmm! I wondered, if Mrs. Cottontail had her first batch of babies for this season. I approached the hole. And sure enough, there were three little Eastern Cottontails tucked under some rabbit fur. Awwww! First of all, I had to get Luis back inside. After he was out of the way, I’ve got an older kitty litter box top, which I put on top of the nest. This way, Mrs. Cottontail can get to her babies. But Mr. Luis can’t stick his nose in the nest anymore. He shows to be a great babysitter, in good ol’ Pitbull fashion. I hope all three will grow strong and make it out of the nest safely.


There are 3x of Cottontail cuteness in this nest. ❤

UPDATE ~ 02-10-2017, 10:15 am: Well, it’s unfortunate! Two didn’t make it through the night. It must have been too cold for them the last couple of nights. I put a warm rice sock under the third baby and some extra leaves on top of it. I hope Momma Cottontail doesn’t mind, that I tried to improve her nest a little bit. I’m heart broken over the loss of the two babies. Maybe the last one will be strong enough to make it. 😥