Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part V)

Pumpkin Friday is here!!! This time I’ll show you the pumpkins I’ve carved for the “The Colony Family Fright Night” event in 2014. These pumpkins gained me 1st Prize. And the award was a $50 Movie Theater gift card. The white skull pumpkin is from Courtney. She asked me, if I could capture a photo of it. It looks so cool, I had to add it to my Jack-o-Lantern photo collection.


Happy Birthday, Little Princess!

Our Princess

She is our princess we must confess,

she laughs and plays and makes a mess.

She giggles a lot and tickles us pink,

she can get into trouble in a single blink.

She runs and sings and twirls around,

but when she gets mad she stomps the ground.

She is our princess we have confessed,

good and bad we know we’re blessed.

Author unknown

I love this photo! Sara looks so adorable. ❤

Happy Birthday, Sara!

The Harbor In Rockwall At Lake Ray Hubbard

At this morning I wanted to check out the little lighthouse at The Harbor in Rockwall, Texas. So, I drove for some photos to Lake Ray Hubbard. The Harbor has a nice lake front with the Hilton Hotel, Cinemark Theater, lots of restaurants, bars, wellness spas, etc. But I was more interested in the fountain, the lighthouse and some other sights, I’ve seen previously online. The weather was gorgeous. The sun warmed my skin, while the wind blew from the lake. The temperatures were in the low 60s. It was a perfect morning for a photo hike at The Harbor in Rockwall at Lake Ray Hubbard.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part IV)

Here we go! Today is Friday 13th … And another Friday has arrived to show off some of my Jack-o-Lanterns from the year 2013. Some I’ve carved for our local “Family Fright Night Campout”. And a couple of pumpkins, I’ve carved for Halloween night.

Our Autumn Cabbage Garden

Being finished with the main chores in the front room, I can pay more attention to my garden again. Wow, I neglected it for several weeks. The garden beds need a lot of work, before they will look nice and healthy again.  Yesterday, I’ve got one of the beds ready: I pulled the leftover plants and the weeds out, loosened the soil, and mixed more soil and amendment in. Today I added two more bags of soil, before I started planting and sowing. Now, one of the beds looks pretty again. I planted broccoli, white & red cabbages, and cauliflower. And in the space between the vegetables I have sown carrots, radishes, rutabagas, and turnips. They are all yummy Winter goodies. Since I have the chicken wire around the garden beds, the rabbits can not get to them. I hope, the Cabbage White Butterfly doesn’t come around to lay its eggs at this time of the year. That would be a bummer.


Broccoli, White & Red Cabbages, and Cauliflower are planted; Carrots, Radishes, Rutabagas, and Turnips are sown.

The “Graveyard” 2017

Since the temperatures dropped 40 degrees from yesterday, it was perfect weather to set up more Halloween decoration in the front yard this morning. We sat up the “Graveyard”, and put the ceramic pumpkin in the front garden. Finally we found a good spot for Mr. Skeleton. He hangs out in the graveyard and keeps an “eye” on our visitors.