November Rain (1)

Yeah, this is how I like November: Not too cold, some soaking rains, and the changing of the colors into Autumn. The season has officially arrived in our street. our neighbor’s ash tree changed into it’s golden dress. Soon, the other trees will follow with their beautiful Autumn dresses as well.

It Feels Like November

The rain feels so good, because it is so needed in Texas. But the temperatures are becoming cool way too fast, now. In the beginning of the month, we had temperatures  in the mid- to upper 90s. Now, we deal with low 30s in the upcoming nights. And October is not even over, yet. This weather reminds me of the November-“Schmuddelwetter”  (“yucky rainy weather”), when I grew up in Germany. On a good note, we have plenty of fire wood to keep us cozy warm in the days ahead. And by the end of this week, it suppose to get a bit sunnier and warmer.

Sinus Cold & The Welcome Rain

Kevin came down with a sinus infection last Sunday. He’s almost over it. Yesterday, I was down with a swollen sinus, earache, toothache, headache and fever. Name an ache, and I had it. After spending a day in bed and taking some fever relief medication, I feel much better today. I’m drinking fluids and eat a little bit. It seems to help. But this cold hit me like a wrecking ball. Now, I’m enjoying the rain hitting the our roof. It sounds so soothing. The temperatures have dropped from yesterday’s 79°F (26°C) to today’s 59°F (15°C). It feels more like October in North Texas. I can breath easier. And even when I don’t feel so great, I stepped outside to get some fresh air. The welcome rain feels so good right now. And I took a moment to captured a few photos by the front porch this afternoon.

The Autumn Rain Is Back

After a couple of nice sunny days, the rain is back. Katelynn and the school band have to go and take Plan B until tonight’s Homecoming Football Game.Hopefully the weather forecast is right, and it stops to rain until the game is over. Sara is not happy, that it is wet and cool. After all the kids had early release from school, today. Sara and I watch the falling rain drops, while we sit on the front porch. At least that keeps her occupied for a little bit.


Rose Rain Droplets

Rainy October Day

The last few days, we’ve got quite a bit of rain in North Texas. Our garden and the yard is soaking wet. And the next days, we expect much cooler weather. We finally go from Summer into Autumn. If it gets cool enough, we might have a fire going in the fireplace. In the meantime, I use the opportunity to photograph some rain droplets on our porch.