Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part IV)

Here we go! Today is Friday 13th … And another Friday has arrived to show off some of my Jack-o-Lanterns from the year 2013. Some I’ve carved for our local “Family Fright Night Campout”. And a couple of pumpkins, I’ve carved for Halloween night.

The “Graveyard” 2017

Since the temperatures dropped 40 degrees from yesterday, it was perfect weather to set up more Halloween decoration in the front yard this morning. We sat up the “Graveyard”, and put the ceramic pumpkin in the front garden. Finally we found a good spot for Mr. Skeleton. He hangs out in the graveyard and keeps an “eye” on our visitors.

Our Halloween Outdoor Decoration

On October 1st, Kevin and I started to install the Halloween decoration and lights in the front yard. We are not done, yet. But I wanted to make sure, we had something out by the beginning of the month of October. Since I was painting the walls in the front room, the furniture were still in the garage and blocking the entrance to the attic. Now, the furniture is back in the front room, we might work on the graveyard tomorrow. It supposed to be cooler anyway. That’s perfect weather to get the Halloween decor ready. And on Halloween I’ll bring the bigger items back outside. I captured some photos of what’s out in the front yard so far.

Wild Berry Farm In Sadler, Texas

Kevin, the girls and I drove to the Wild Berry Farm in Sadler, this afternoon. When we arrived, we paid our entry fee and entered the farm. Katelynn and Sara went down the slide, before we went on the hayride. Kevin grabbed some fish food, and on the ride we went down to the pond. At the pond, we stopped for feeding the catfish. These were some big fish. But they also get fed very well by farm visitors throughout the day. The farmer said: “By the end of the day, the catfish might have a belly ache! ;)” We all hopped back on the wagon and rode back to the farm house.

After the hayride, we walked through the wild berry fields to get to the Pumpkin Patch and the Sunflower Maze. There were some beautiful pumpkins sitting in the field. In the Sunflower Maze, the Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries, Admirals, all sorts of bees and bugs fluttered and flew from one sunflower to the other. It was fun to watch them. Katelynn and Sara were fascinated by the different kind and sizes of bees.

Walking back through the berry fields, Katelynn was leading us through the Corn Maze. A cool fact about the Corn Maze on the Wild Berry Farm: When you put a drone up in the air, you can see that the maze is grown in the shape of the Texas Lone Star Flag. Katelynn did very good walking us through the maze. And it was fun!

Katelynn and Sara enjoyed looking at the farm animals. There were some chicken, goats and sheep on the farm. Some chicken were scratching a hole in the ground. I guess, they tried to find some bugs or tried to get to cooler soil on this warm day. The other chicken were happily clucking and walking around. The goats nibbled some grass, and the sheep were busy eating in their barn.

Seeing the whole farm, the girls wanted to play in the “Rat Rollers”, then went down the slide several more times, and played some “Football”. Before we left the farm, I picked up a jar of Pumpkin Butter. I’ve never had any. But I want to try it. It was a beautiful, sunny day. And we enjoyed our visit at the Wild Berry Farm. My goal is to drive up there and pick some fresh berries next Spring, early Summer.

Harvest Festival

Sara and I went to the Calloway’s Harvest Festival this year, again. She had a lot of fun decorating a pumpkin, before we did some shopping for catnip and Halloween garden decor. The Calloway’s Nursery has always a beautiful display of pumpkins at this time of the year. Sara and I looked at all kinds of pumpkins. She liked the wart pumpkins. “Some of them look squished”, she said and pointed at the “Cinderella” variety. I also showed her the “French Cheese”: “Look, these are the pumpkins, I grow in my Community Garden bed!” Sara really liked them. “They look pretty; like wood”, she replied.

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins (Part III)

And it is already Friday, again! This week, Kevin and I were really busy: We sat up the outdoor Halloween decoration; I painted the living room walls; and on Wednesday, Kevin and I went to the Bret Michaels concert. The week went by in a blink of an eye.

Here is Part III of the pumpkins I’ve carved throughout the years (2011 – 2012). And I’ve just noticed, we are halfway through the “Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin” series.